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Season two of ‘Daredevil’ brings brutal action, brooding fun


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In season two of Netflix and Marvel Studios’ Daredevil, the superhero series explores deep-rooted interests such as revenge, retribution and rage with unrivaled enthusiasm.

Daredevil’s second season becomes a sort of philosophic crime procedural. In the new episodes, it wastes no time in delving into Matt Murdoc’s ethical quandary. A well-known character called The Punisher is introduced and begins to tear through crime families with military precision. Daredevil believes that Punisher must be stopped, on the grounds that criminals should be left to the justice system.

This is where the audience is left to ponder the message: Should The Punisher stop these ruthless criminals before innocents get hurt, or should they be left in the hands of juries and courts? Do we as people have the right to decide who lives and who dies? Vengeance may have the ability to become justice. No matter the conclusion audiences come to, Daredevil masterfully produces this moral struggle.

The show’s dialogue is better than ever in the second season. Each word seems purposefully written and plot-driven. The actors are free to build the atmosphere and deep inner conflict through the language used. At no point do the conversations seemed pointless or dry, due in part to the excellent performers. The casting is pitch-perfect for these heroes and anti-heroes. Each actor brings a balance to the rest of the cast; particularly, Jon Berenthal as The Punisher brings great emotional gravitas to the show. His tormented soul is clearly defined by his delivery whenever he is on screen.

The fight chorography in Daredevil is as creative as it is grotesquely fun. The dark setting lends well to the gritty action, and inventive battle sequences mixed with this dark atmosphere make for riveting television. All of the punches that are thrown seem powerful and are brutally depicted. Combinations of kicks, flips, and throws swiftly flash onto the screen. Viewers can expect mixtures of graceful martial artistry and savage realism. These battles rival the thrills of the first season’s action, and, in many ways, improves them.

This season’s story is complicated in a number of ways. It is slower-paced than the first season when it reveals the larger, hidden plot. This, however, can be seen as an advantage, as the audience is fully able to explore the new characters. Many of the characters receive their own arc to develop into. In the center is Daredevil being pulled in every direction. His very identity is in question by both his friends and enemies. His mind is tested as much as his body and the show explores what it means to be a vigilante.

Most importantly, the consequences of a vigilante are discovered throughout the show. The deeper adherence to this ethical gray area continues to grow through the season, and a definite answer is never truly formed. The moral high ground is constantly shifting, and light is shed on where each character stands. In the end, it becomes difficult to discern right from wrong, and the solution can only come from the people watching. No matter where they land, Daredevil is still devilishly good fun.

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