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Road rage incident results in chainsaw intervention


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A maintenance worker trimming trees near Medical Center Parkway defended himself from an enraged driver with a chainsaw Tuesday morning when the driver threatened him with a knife.

The driver has been named as Justin Conners, 25. After slamming on his breaks and nearly causing the car behind him to wreck, the driver of the car honked at Conners. Conners then exited his vehicle with a knife and began yelling at the woman who honked at him. The woman and her niece stayed inside their vehicle while two bystanders who were trimming trees attempted to intervene, according to the police report.

During the intervention, Conners started towards one of the men with his knife, threatening to stab him. In response, the man grabbed his chainsaw to defend himself and Conners retreated.

The responding officer was able to obtain warrants for Conners’ arrest including two warrants for aggravated assault and two warrants for felony reckless endangerment.

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