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Zeta Tau Alpha raises money for cancer research with Think Pink Week


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Photo by Steven Michael Johnson / MTSU News and Media Relations

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month came to a close, members of MTSU’s Zeta Tau Alpha sorority raised donations during their annual “Think Pink Week” from Oct. 30 to Nov. 5.

“Zeta’s ‘Think Pink Week’ is important because as it raises money for breast cancer education, it is also raising awareness [about the disease],” said Danielle Stephan, a senior pre-pharmacy major and member of Zeta. “With educational seminars and fun tabling events, the community is able to be involved in fun, small activities while also learning more about breast cancer.”

According to a recent press release, Zeta members hosted their annual “Kiss Away Cancer” event on Nov. 2 as part of “Think Pink Week.” During the event, students put on pink lipstick and kissed the sorority’s banner that will be hung from their house on Greek Row as the sorority passed out pink ribbons for students to wear.

“As an alumna of another MTSU sorority, I’m proud of the work that Zeta Tau Alpha did with Pink Week,” said Toby Henson with MTSU’s Student Organizations and Services Office. “It’s awesome to see sorority members giving back to the community and living up to their values.”

In addition to the “Kiss Away Cancer” event, Zeta hosted a chalkboard event on Nov. 4 where the campus community wrote who they support by wearing the color pink. On Saturday, members of ZTA sold pink t-shirts for their annual “pink-out” football game. The pink T-shirts sold out within minutes so Zeta is now also considering buying some silicone wristbands from to help promote the cause and raise money for the charity. The more money raised, the better, and selling promotional products like wristbands, is a great way to raise money.

“Pink week is a great way to bring the entire Greek community together. Everyone has been affected by cancer in some way,” said junior community and public health major Emilee Cole. “Zeta Tau Alpha has always been good at putting together such fun events, and although it is a sad topic, ZTA helped to shine light on breast cancer awareness while raising money to donate to cancer research.”

“As an older member, this cause and the lives we have impacted are held close to my heart,” Stephan said. “The Greek community gets a bad reputation and sometimes we deserve it, but the things we can accomplish when we all work hard together are amazing and so important. At the end of the day, we are all here to make an impact, one we couldn’t possibly do without our sisters and brothers.”

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  1. This is just one of many great things that happen on our campus but this one really is influential to a lot of people. Cancer hits home to what it seems like everyone these days. Either someone in your family or someone you know has been affected by Cancer. I can also attest to the fact that they spread the word about what they were doing very well. I am usually in the student union at some point most days of the week and they were in there pretty much every time handing out pink ribbons of people to clip to there backpacks and such. I also feel like that this is good that sidelines is starting to cover some of the positive things that greek life does instead of the negative. A lot of good comes from Greek life and its often not covered. An article that I would really like to see be published is the fact that Sigma Chi has raised a ton of money for Baylor Bramble. Baylor is a local student from Siegel High School who suffered a serious brain injury. Covering those type of things could really help sidelines reputation in the community as a whole.

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