Krispy Kreme serves 80 cent doughnuts for 80th birthday

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If you’ve ever visited a Krispy Kreme while their renowned red light was lit, you know that means fresh doughnuts are ready to satisfy your sweet tooth.

On Friday, the red light continued to lure customers in from open to close, because this was no ordinary day for the beloved doughnut chain.

July 14 is recognized as the birth of Krispy Kreme and their original glazed doughnut, and this year doughnut lovers were met with the opportunity to celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 80th birthday.

In appreciation to their loyal customers, who have stuck to the business the same way glaze sticks to the doughnuts, Krispy Kreme offered a birthday-only doughnut deal.

“We are running a special where you buy a dozen doughnuts and get a dozen glazed (doughnuts) for 80 cents,” said one-year Krispy Kreme employee Jay Hopper.

Even Krispy Kreme, a doughnut-focused company, understands the importance of a birthday cake and they couldn’t let the chance to combine the two pass them by. So, in preparation of the big day, they added a new doughnut to their menu.

“We have a cake batter doughnut to celebrate the birthday,” Hopper said. The continuous purchasing of this special edition doughnut suggests that customers couldn’t quite get enough of the doughy treat.

This celebration wasn’t just a quick in-and-out stop, though. The news of the cheap, deliciously made doughnuts proved to spread fast as the line for 80 cent doughnuts only grew throughout the day.

“It’s been super busy all day,” said employee Connor Palk.

“It’s been chaos,” Hopper added.

Busy may just be an understatement concerning the amount of people bursting the Krispy Kreme doors from open until close. According to Palk, the Franklin, Tennessee Krispy Kreme location hosted thousands of customers on July 14.

And, the more customers predicted to shop the doughnut store called for more employees scheduled to work.

“We have thirty on staff (at the Krispy Kreme of Franklin) and twenty-five of them will be working today,” Palk said. And every single one of the staff members had their job cut out for them, because Krispy Kreme’s featured doughnut deal was a huge hit, which drew a steady crowd.

The thousands of customers consistently entering the small building had more than just the thought of cheap doughnuts to entertain them.

Luckily, the atrocious line for glazed doughnuts, which reached the building’s capacity, followed a large window, which allowed each visitor the chance to witness the making of Krispy Kreme’s very own glazed doughnut. The process involved each doughnut being dipped in boiling hot oil. After that’s done, they are flipped on a conveyor belt with just enough time left for the other side to cook thoroughly. Finally, just before being packaged by the dozen, each doughnut went through a fountain of glaze.

This isn’t just a birthday celebration type of thing, though. So if you’ve never taken advantage of the chance to witness the doughnut-making process, stop by any time you see their red light lit, because watching your very own doughnut being made in front of your eyes is a sight to see.

Krispy Kreme’s 80th birthday celebration brought plenty of doughnuts and smiles to customers all over the U.S. and Canada, and regardless of the large crowd, employees enjoyed themselves on the big day, too.

“I always loved Krispy Kreme as a a little kid, so celebrating its 80th year is really cool,” Palk said.

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