Top Cold Grill Ice Cream and Tea offers unique, exotic dessert

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Thai rolled ice cream, a popular trend gaining traction in the United States with the help of viral videos, officially arrives in Murfreesboro thanks to Top Cold Grill Ice Cream and Tea. In preparation for their grand opening, they hosted their soft opening Wednesday, and Murfreesboro residents were able to experience the interesting method of ice cream crafting with a 30 percent discount.

This form of rolling ice cream, which grew in popularity by street vendors in Thailand about 10 years ago, involves creating ice cream with base ingredients in just a few minutes. A liquid base, like milk or soy, is poured onto a cold grill, which Top Cold Grill calls an “anti-griddle,” and is mixed with flavor ingredients and toppings while it freezes.

Once mashed together and partially solidified, the ice cream mixture is completely flattened and scraped into neat rolls. Then, toppings, such as cookies, whipped cream or chocolate sauce are offered to each customer to complete the artistic treat.

“I really want the things we have right now to make the neighbors happy,” Top Cold Grill manager Quin Chen said. “We try to bring new things.”

Top Cold Grill also offers a large variety of bubble teas, a popular Taiwanese beverage that has been available in Murfreesboro for some time, but not in great volume.

Chen moved from New Jersey to Tennessee when her cousin, Shen Chen, a Columbia, Tennessee, resident, said he was opening their second store here, with the first store being in New Jersey. She said that they were originally going to open the location in downtown Franklin but did not hesitate to choose Murfreesboro instead after a real estate agent showed them the area.

“We didn’t see anything like what we’re doing or similar here, that’s why we decided quickly,” Chen said. She also said that a third location in downtown Franklin is set to open within the next year.

Chen said that Murfreesboro has made her and the store both feel welcomed, and she hopes to return that favor by offering the city a unique and delicious ice cream option.

“I really want the people of Murfreesboro to like what we serve,” Chen said. “I talk to everybody; I need honest feedback. You like it, you like it; you don’t like it, you think it’s too sweet or you want it more sweet…we can handle this. We will make it work and we will keep working on it…as long as people are happy.”

Top Cold Grill will celebrate an official grand opening on Saturday, Aug. 19, and the first 100 customers will receive one free serving of ice cream or bubble tea, and a 50 percent discount will be offered all day. In addition, Chen said they plan on offering a permanent discount for MTSU students.

Top Cold Grill Ice Cream and Tea is located at 2855 Medical Center Parkway. For more information, click here. 

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    September 14, 2017

    I have a friend who owns a similar restaurant in Honolulu, HI called Cream n Roll. I was extremely jealous that I would not get to experience this cold treat. Also, seeing all the photos and videos of similar restaurants in California made me jealous. Now seeing that there is a similar restaurant here in Middle Tennessee is shocking! I didn’t expect to see the same type of restaurant to pop up in Middle Tennessee. It seems that most things that are trending don’t happen here in Tennessee. I think it is great that businesses like this are coming to Middle Tennessee. It makes this place a little more diverse therefore a much more interesting place to live. It gives young people like myself a chance to explore more and experience different types of food and experience other cultures aside from our own.
    I’m interested in their bubble tea as well. I would like to know if they have more flavors than a certain Thai restaurant in Murfreesboro. From my experience, that restaurant didn’t have a large selection so hopefully, this more dessert oriented shop will have many more options. I’ll be checking this place out the next time I’m in Murfreesboro.

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