Table Talk: Taste of Thai meets – but does not exceed – expectations

Photo by Connor Burnard / Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Murfreesboro has seen a surge of Asian restaurants opening in recent years, specifically Thai establishments. The Southeast Asian dishes have gained popularity by satisfying customers’ spicy basil and garlic-based cravings.

Restaurants with close proximity to MTSU’s campus like Thai Spice on North Rutherford Boulevard and Thai Pattaya on Northwest Broad Street provide students with affordable Thai food without having to go far from school.

Somewhat out of the way lies a small establishment on South Church Street near I-24. Although located on a busy street, Taste of Thai inhabits an unassuming building that can be easy to miss amidst the large stores and restaurants surrounding it.

An unused drive-thru window and dining room layout — almost identical to one of Jack in the Box with a bit of interior redecoration — hinted that the building was obviously built for a fast food restaurant.

When I entered at the slow-business time of 2:30 p.m., only two tables were occupied and three employees were working behind the counter, one of whom was attending to an infant in a car seat, which gave the restaurant a true family ambiance.

The server recommended a spicy basil lunch dish, which I agreed with, and ordered with chicken, fried rice and an appetizer of egg drop soup. The food tasted fresh, and the chicken went well with the bell peppers it was served over, of which I am normally not a fan.

Although the food was hot, tasty and more filling than I expected, considering the meal only cost a mere $7, its spice was dull and tasted nearly identical to every other Thai basil chicken dish I’ve ever had. The dish possessed no unique seasoning or qualities that would have made it any more memorable than anything else I’ve eaten this week.

Although the food didn’t stand out in any way, it wasn’t a bad dish by any standards. The egg drop soup was wonderful — regardless of the hot weather — though that might be because I love egg drop soup dearly, and I hadn’t had any in so long. The servers were cheery and kind, and it’s hard to complain about the food when you consider the price.

Taste of Thai offers an answer to anyone’s hunger for Thai dishes for a great price, and although the food can be found at any of Murfreesboro’s Thai restaurants, the convenience and low cost make up for its forgettable main courses.

Taste of Thai earns itself a solid three out of five stars, because it holds potential as a good spot to stop for lunch.

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