Crime: Murfreesboro Police respond to shooting, assault at Student Quarters Apartments on Greenland Drive

Photo by Eric Goodwin / Assistant News Editor

Murfreesboro Police responded to a shooting and assault at Student Quarters Apartments on Greenland Drive Tuesday at approximately 8:14 p.m.

Upon arrival, police made contact with the victim who stated that her cousin and two of her cousin’s friends were at her apartment before the incident. One of the friends came into the victim’s room uninvited. When the victim asked the suspect to leave, he began to swing at her. The suspect then exited the victim’s room and punched the victim’s roommate. The victim stated to police that, after her roommate was attacked, her cousin and the two other suspects left the apartment.

While they were leaving, one of the suspects brandished a black pistol. All three men got into a Nissan Sedan and drove out of the parking lot. While the suspects were exiting the parking lot, one person in the Sedan fired three or four shots at the apartment complex. Three shell casings were recovered from the scene and logged as evidence.

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    October 27, 2017

    Having been a college student living in student housing for the past three years, seeing the title of this article definitely caught my attention. Safety when it comes to any sort of violence on or around a college campus or any sort of college area, like student apartments for example, is very important. Reading this article about a shooting at this apartment complex just reinsures me that I am making the right decision about paying conscious attention to where I live. That’s why I pay more money to live at what seems to be a nicer and safer environment in hopes to avoid any surrounding situation like this. I think that shootings and acts of violence like this occur way too often and that there are many ways to reduce the extremely high number of these occurrences. This article also shows that you have to be careful about who you are inviting into your place of residence being that the suspect who initiated the violence was a friend of the cousin who she probably thought wouldn’t have done anything like this. This isn’t the first incident of an assault like this and won’t be the last one so I think that articles like this one being posted are helpful alerts to the college student body and public.

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