Review: Danielle Bradbery proves depth in ‘I Don’t Believe We’ve Met’

Story by LB Rogers / Contributing Writer

Four years after she was introduced to America via NBC’s “The Voice,” fans are finally getting to officially meet Danielle Bradbery in her second studio album, appropriately titled “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met.”

The collection is vastly different than her first, and after four years of writing and developing herself as an artist, Bradbery does not disappoint. Co-writing on seven of the 10 tracks and not holding back when it comes to her incredible vocal power and control, “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” is a beautiful and welcome reintroduction to the music world.

The record’s lead single, the fun and groovy “Sway,” begins the album. It was one of the teaser tracks released earlier this year and was written with popular songwriters Emily Weisband, who contributed to five of the 10 tracks on the album, and Johan Fansson.

“Potential,” another teaser track that gave fans an early taste of the album, is a vocally challenging and lyrically interesting track about being in love with someone’s potential. Like most of the tracks on the album, “Potential” is incredibly relatable and unapologetically honest.

Songs like “What Are We Doing” and “Messy” shed light on the inner turmoil of a relationship that is nearing its end. The songwriting and Bradbery’s emotion-saturated vocals in both tracks allow listeners to feel as though they are just as much a part of the breakup as Bradbery. These tracks will definitely resonate with fans.

The record has acoustic elements, groovy R&B-inspired sounds and crisp pop production. The contrast from the swanky country “Laying Low” to the doo-wop groove of “Sway” and then to the incredibly pop-driven “Red Wine + White Couch” is seamlessly executed. The musical style and influence is vast and colorful.

Bradbery demonstrates her youth in the summer fling anthem “Hello Summer” and then turns around and shows her maturity and growth in the self-assured “Worth It.” The tracks show a lot of artistic and personal growth in the 21-year-old.

The most emotional and powerful song on the album is without a doubt “Human Diary.” The raw honesty punches the listener in the gut with lines like “You were my human diary so when you left you didn’t just leave / No, you took all my secrets with you.” This song feels like surviving a broken heart and is a true testament to Bradbery’s openness and vulnerability in the making of this record.

Bradbery’s reintroduction is raw and real. She doesn’t rely on her stunning vocal chops to deliver this record, rather she delves deep into real and personal experiences and brings them to life, making “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” one of the best records to release this year.

“I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” is available now on all platforms.

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