MTSU recruits TBI State Academy graduates for more law enforcement education

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Story by Alaina Staggs / Contributing Writer 

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation State Academy’s most recent graduating class was able to gather a clear shot of the evidence thanks to funding donated from Middle Tennessee State University.

According to the official press release, MTSU spent approximately $11,000 supporting the law enforcement officials, who graduated from the academy’s six-week course on Nov. 1 with “professional cameras for taking photos at crime scenes.”

“This (camera) would capture a much higher quality of picture…” said MTSU assistant professor Ben Stickle, who lectured briefly at the academy in September, in the official press release. ”It would also allow them to do a variety of things that are necessary for crime scene photography such as shooting in very low light and taking very close-up pictures of fingerprints and things like that.”

The TBI State Academy was created for officers hoping to further their skills and knowledge within their career. A minimum of five years of experience as a full-time commissioned officer at a Tennessee law enforcement agency is required to attend the academy.

According to the press release, after viewing some of the academy’s curriculum, Stickle said that MTSU professors “found the curriculum to be enlightening.”

“We were highly impressed,” Stickle said. “Many of the individuals they bring in to speak are highly recognized in their fields.”

Thanks to the outstanding impression made by the TBI, MTSU has set its sights on providing academy graduates with even greater opportunities for professional development.

Per the official statement, “TBI State Academy graduates now can receive up to nine hours of undergraduate credit for their time at the academy if they enroll at MTSU. The credits are for courses in criminal investigation, crime scene investigation and special issues in criminal justice.”

MTSU offers a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration both on campus and entirely online, with concentrations available in law enforcement and homeland security. A master’s degree in criminal justice is also available online to accommodate working law enforcement officers.

MTSU’s Department of Criminal Justice Administration faculty members boast a broad range of experiences that they use as educators. These experiences include time spent serving as members of police departments, probation and parole, juvenile justice, prosecution, criminal defense, corrections, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Service.

For more information about MTSU’s criminal justice programs, contact the department at 615-898-2630 or go to the official Department website. For more information about the TBI State Academy, call 615-744-4374 or go to the academy website.

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