Former MTSU student reports serial stalker to Murfreesboro Police

In a repetition of history, Murfreesboro Police responded to a report of stalking Wednesday afternoon, involving a former MTSU student and an unidentified suspect.

The victim, a former student who was last enrolled at MTSU in the fall, told officers that while she was sitting in her car on her lunch break at Kroger she observed a man walk into the store and shortly thereafter walk out. The man then started approaching her car, according to the report, and the victim fled into the store.

While she was inside, fellow store employees reported that the man was “glaring at the building.”

The victim stated that this was not her first encounter with the man, whom she believes may be named Eric. According to the report, the victim knew the man from a former MTSU class, and he has caused her to “move in the past and is very annoying and bothersome to her.” She is not sure if Eric is his real name.

“Eric” has forced the victim to repeatedly change phone numbers and social media accounts, as he continuously makes fake accounts to contact her and her friends, according to the victim’s statement.

He is described to be a male with short, curly hair and brown eyes, standing at approximately 6’2’’and weighing 170 lbs.

The victim has previously had to call campus police and file a report against the man.

Murfreesboro Police are unable to take action against him at this time, due to not knowing his real name or date of birth.

This is far from the first time MTSU has been the hunting grounds of a stalker. There were 14 reported cases of stalking on campus last year alone – a 40 percent increase from the previous year, and a 400 percent increase in residence halls, according to MTSU’s 2018 Annual Security Report.

The most notable case remains the April 2018 case of Paul Oscai, a student at MTSU who gained statewide attention after being accused of serial stalking, terrorizing and harassing multiple women on campus. The resulting investigation revealed a long history of criminal activity on Oscai’s part and, some have said, a massive failure of MTSU’s Title IX policies on behalf of the victims.

Oscai was arrested on April 9, 2018, on multiple charges.

Wednesday’s case, however, remains unsolved.

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