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Crash the Commons: Then and Now


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Photos and Story by Enrique Geronimo/Contributing Writer

Throughout your time at college you see changes happening all around you; whether that be in school, in your life or even on a global scale. MTSU’s Crash the Commons event and the people who attend are no exception.

Crash the Commons is a yearly Connection Point event put on by MTSU and a few on and off campus organizations like SGA, Greek Life and The Point. The age demographic at this event seemed to mainly be freshman and sophomores, but these are the stories of three seniors who recall going to this event their freshman year- speaking on how not only the event has changed, but how they have changed as well.

Eriel Smith, 21, reminisced on the simplicity of freshman year. “The event seems a lot bigger this year, especially Greek life,” Smith said over a large and lively crowd of brothers and sisters competing with each other. Two sheriffs walked by and Smith continued, “There are definitely more bounce houses and security seems to be a lot tighter, which isn’t really a bad thing. I have definitely changed a lot too.”

“I would say my entire mentality changed,” said Smith, “I was not expecting to change my major at all, even when upperclassmen would tell me I would I always said I wouldn’t. I was pre-med biochemistry and now I’m majoring in psychology and minoring in biology and mental health services.”

“My priorities also completely changed. I really tried to master my priorities and direct them towards my major and career.” Smith continued, “When your priorities change, you learn who your friends really are. Overall, I learned a lot and I’m happy about it. Living on campus definitely helped with the experience too.”

Kara Haynes, 21, smiled as she dug through her memories. “It’s been a lot of fun!” Haynes said. “There is definitely a lot more Greek life because they already had recruitment. I remember it was still a rush event my freshman year.” She turned around and glanced towards the empty t-shirt stand. “I do remember getting a shirt my freshman year, I think they already ran out,” she said with a laugh.

“I also remember coming here alone the first year, and now I’m here with some of my new friends from The Point.” Haynes was helping to hand out cookies and other sweet treats. “We’re out here serving everyone, so that’s awesome.”

Haynes continued, “I changed my major as well. I came in undecided and now I am a child development and studies major, which I’m excited to graduate in May with.”

Dorian Whitsy, 22, had a positive attitude but felt somewhat indifferent about the event. “The event hasn’t changed too much. It was fun freshman year, but not so much senior year. I haven’t changed all that much, I’ve just tried to keep my goals straight…I’ve generally had the same friends since I got here, with a few exceptions.”

Whitsy added, “I changed my major too, I’m a lot happier now as a music business major, taking classes that I’m actually interested in.”

Ultimately, the college experience is a great way to make some of the best connections and memories of your life. It’s up to you on how you want to live it.

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To contact Lifestyles Editor Brandon Black, email

For more updates, follow us at, on Facebook at MTSU Sidelines and on Twitter at @Sidelines_Life.

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