‘Comedy Central’ star brings the laughs to Night of Comedy at Tucker Theatre


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Photo Courtesy of Loshak PR

Story by Bryanna Weinstein/Contributing Writer

Students packed into Tucker Theatre on Friday in anticipation for a night full of laughter–and they were not disappointed. 

Chris Distefano, comedian and star of MTV and MTV2’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code,” brought the laughs and held the audience’s attention with every joke he delivered as part of MTSU’s Connection Point event series happening this past week on campus. 

The night started off with an Amber alert, which immediately confused the star but he kept it rolling, making a quickfire joke about his kid before getting into the real jokes. The star didn’t stray from controversial topics like race, how we live in a politically correct world or how social media has bred more controversial or “woke” opinions without the consequences. He even covered the debate on paper versus plastic straws.

“This is a good world we live in now,” he said. “No one gets punched in the face anymore, though. Have you noticed that?” 

He then elaborated, “Now you don’t hit anybody, it’s just- you can’t, you gotta be very, you know, PC, passive-aggressive. Now if you wanna hit somebody you just send them an email in all caps lock.” 

While on the topic of social media, he brought up a valid point about how it has changed certain individuals who use it. “It’s a lot of Instagram culture now, right? It’s like, I live on the f–king internet. It’s like my sister, she has, like, eighty followers. Like, no one cares but she’s, like, self-inflated, that’s what happens on social media. You get likes and that means nothing, it’s digital.” 

Throughout his whole set, Chris kept it serious without losing the lighthearted nature of his comedy. He also found ways to relate to the young audience without holding back on jokingly insulting audience members who would often shout out to him. The comedian kept it interactive, involving everyone in his jokes or questions, making everyone feel like close friends.

Surprisingly, he ended the night on some smart, witty advice to take beyond Tucker Theatre within the students’ collective college career. 

“College, I think, you have the first chance to, like, really question everything, so I would question as much as you could. Not to be a d–k, but to truly learn. College is really an opportunity to question stuff and you know, I don’t think everyone is gonna find out who they are in college. You may major in something and never use it. That’s what I did. Question everything, question the teachers, question your sexuality and question whatever you want. Live free, go nuts.” 

Distefano stood out because of his ability to pull in the audience while simultaneously giving  genuine advice and bringing tears of laughter to their eyes. It was a truly amazing combination, to say the least. 

The night ended with the audience giving the comedian a standing ovation as he left the stage, leaving them with a night full of laughs and insight. 

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