Murfreesboro Salon KK’s Castle Caters to Children with Autism

Story by Selah Blair / Contributing Writer

KK’s Castle continues to provide haircuts to children with autism and sensory issues. Kayla Sprout opened the salon in January 2020.

Before opening KK’s Castle, Sprout worked three full-time jobs and opened the salon with the help of the community and family members. Sprout operates the salon single-handedly.

Sprout said, “I worked in other kid’s salons, [but] they ended up closing down, and I decided to just go for opening my own.”

KK’s Castle specializes in cutting the hair of children with autism and sensory issues. Sprout hopes to disprove children’s negative assumptions about haircuts. Sprout said, “My mission is to…make it a fun experience and show [children] that haircuts are not so scary.”

Many children with autism and Sensory Processing Disorder struggle to tolerate haircuts. These children can become overwhelmed with the sensory experience of haircuts which can lead to extreme distress.

Sprout said, “When cutting the hair of a child who has autism, you just have to work with them on their level…I show them what I’ll be using and what it does. I let them feel and hear the tools being used.”

Sprout, now a mother-to-be, says that she understands how the parents of these children feel. Sprout said, “You don’t see many places like this…I would want my child to be in good hands for someone to understand that [you should] be patient with them.”

Sprout wants to expand KK’s Castle and reach more children. Sprout said, “I hope that KK’s Castle will help impact how children feel about haircuts [and show them] that it is a fun experience and there is nothing to be afraid of.”

KK’s Castle is located at 811 N. Thompson Lane and is open for appointment bookings.

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