Review: Get in line to “Ride the Cyclone” at MTSU

MTSU Theatre “Ride the Cyclone” poster for Nov. 5-8. 2020. production in Tucker Theatre

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Story by Casey Lewis/Contributing Writer

Middle Tennessee State University’s Tucker Theater debuted their fall musical, “Ride the Cyclone,” Thursday. The story begins at a carnival, where five students in a choir ride on the Cyclone coaster to their deaths. The choir students then become stuck in limbo and are told that one person from their group will be able to go back to their normal lives under one condition: they have to vote upon who returns.

Each choir student tells their life story to impress the other choir students and prove they’re worthy to go back into the world. The soul-searching students are frustrated, confused and upset that their lives are lost and the tough fight to win the vote to go back seems impossible.

The scary music, funny accents and light-hearted love you feel within the play is spectacular. Every single aspect of the show just ties together so well. The true lesson at the end is that being selfish will get you nowhere and that each and every one of the students lived a wonderful life, and they ultimately give life back to the person who needs it the most.

If you are up for laughing, crying and feeling creeped out, this is the musical for you to attend. MTSU students can attend for free and there are two more shows on November 6 and 7 starting at 7 p.m. and November 8 at 2 p.m. If you are not able to attend the on-campus show, the school has a live stream that can be viewed for $10. However, if you’re an MTSU student, faculty member or staff member, you can watch for free by emailing for a promotional code. Just in case you do attend the on-site play at Tucker Theater, social distancing, masks and a 50-person capacity are mandatory.

Buckle up and “Ride the Cyclone” at your own risk.


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