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Honey Pike Interviewed for New University Police Chief Position


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Photo via MTSUPD

Sweet as honey, tough as nails, Majorie “Honey” Pike was interviewed during an open campus forum on Monday in the Sam H. Ingram Building around 11 a.m.

Well-spoken and comfortable, Pike told the audience a general overview of her life. As an alumna of Middle Tennessee State University, she graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice Administration. She then secured a job as a police officer at the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, where she rose through the ranks until finding other positions to fill at various departments.

Police Chief candidate Marjorie “Honey” Pike

Recently, Pike was the Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety at Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts.

“I found that being a campus law enforcement officer is a lot harder than being a municipal cop,” Pike stated. She recollected the varying experiences she has had as a metro police officer and decided that there is a different thought process that accompanies campus police.

Pike said, “It’s different being a campus cop because you are not just about arresting people…Everything that happens to you as a college student can travel with you for the rest of your life. So I want us to be very careful before we do something like that.”

Regarding police work and ethics, Pike believes in transparency. “I want to be able to talk to the community about things that are going on, and we’re going to disagree sometimes. I’m going to have a perspective from law enforcement, and I’m going to try and share with you what that is.”

Considering how college students of this day and age now view law enforcement due to recent incidents, Pike has plans on how to bridge the disconnect between students and police. “At Simmons, I made it a point to be out every morning in places where students were so they could talk to me and they could bring issues to my attention.”

Continuing, Pike stated, “I hope that setting the right example for my officers and teaching them the way they need to approach or be around the community will help change some views about the police. All cops aren’t bad, and all cops aren’t good. I know both. I set that standard, and I think that’s what you have to do.”

Pike, a woman who values hard work, good morals and high standards, is excited at the opportunity to be the first female chief of police at MTSU.

“I’ve been frustrated over the years at the lack of women representation because I know women can be great cops…It’s hard to attract women; it’s a tough job. It’s also tough being a woman and being a woman in a job that’s predominantly male. I don’t know if that will ever change, but I think when people realize that women do the job at least as good as guys do…that can help change things. I think it’s awesome I have this opportunity. If I’m not selected, one day there will be a woman chief here, and she’ll do awesome,” she said.

When asked what motivates her, Pike mentioned the small percentage of female officers and, additionally, how people view her job. “I earned my reputation of being a good police officer. So what motivates me now is for all the blood, sweat and tears that I put into being a police officer; today I’m motivated by the fact that people don’t think that police officers are doing it for the right reason.”

Resuming, she replied, “I’m motivated by the fact that I want to make sure our profession is held in the esteem where it should be held. We’re not perfect, but we are the guardians. We’re here to protect you. That’s what we want to do. That’s what all the officers that work every day want to do.”

Student safety and inclusion is a significant concern for Pike. When asked about how she would have responded to the hate crime recently committed on campus, Pike answered, “I don’t know if you can stop hate. But you sure can talk about it. We can be very upfront and present about how we’re not going to tolerate it as a university…We want every part of the campus community to feel safe on campus and when they leave campus. We’re going to be a part of that process; we are going to have discussions and meet with students to say what we can do to help you feel safe and make sure you’re safe. We’re going to give tips on how to make that possible.”

Adamant and clear, Pike would love to hold the position of University Chief of Police for MTSU.

Pike stated, “I just want to be a part of this great place. I do think I have something to offer the department, and I hope I get that opportunity. I appreciate what MTSU gave me as a student. This would be a dream come true for me.”

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