Music Monday: Erin Riley

Story by Abigail Ostovich | Contributing Writer

“Music Monday” at Middle Tennessee State University brought the lovely singer and songwriter Erin Riley to the stage this past Monday. 

Erin Riley was born and raised in Texas and is a transfer student studying commercial songwriting here at MTSU. Music has always played a huge part in Erin’s life. Erin began learning how to play the guitar in the fourth grade and by her junior year of high school was writing her own full songs. Erin has gained her inspiration through artists such as Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves. Erin aims to sing in a more folky tune and achieve a Fleetwood Mac sound in her songs. 

When the doors opened, Erin provided personalized butterfly stickers for each person attending with her name and Instagram. 

Erin performed in front of a backdrop with purple and white twinkling lights, with guitar in hand. Throughout Erin’s performance brighter purple and green lights lit up the theater creating a tranquil feeling throughout the audience. 

Erin performed several cover songs and mixed in a few originals throughout the performance. 

Each of Erin’s originals touched on different moments of her life such as the crushes she has had throughout her life, and missing her hometown in Texas. 

After each song Erin expressed her gratitude for the praise and would continue to move into the next sweet song.

“Butterfly” was one of Erin’s originals she chose to sing during her performance, which showcased her Fleetwood Mac style and folky sound. 

Erin closed out her performance with her newest release, “Summer Moon,” that made for a personable ending. 

Erin is continuously working on new music and releases all her finished songs on her Spotify and Apple Music platforms. You can now find her newest release, “Summer Moon” on her music platforms.

You can catch more of these outstanding student acts like Erin Riley every week for the continuation of “Music Mondays.”

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