“Dune” brings Sci-Fi and Adventure to Netflix

Photo courtesy of IGN

Story by Abigail Ostovich | Contributing Writer

The sci-fi, adventure movie, “Dune: Part One” has everyone raving about its’ immersive experience and has people impatient to wait for part two. 

“Dune: Part One’s” director, Denis Villeneuve, brought Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel to life on screen with eye catching imagery to display the epic tale of galactic conflict.

“Dune: Part One” is set far into the future amidst an interstellar feud as different noble houses struggle for the control of the planet Arrakis. The planet Arrakis is nearly a barren wasteland and inhospitable for human life other than the Freman people who inhabit the planet and have adapted to its’ harsh ways of living. Although the planet is a desert wasteland, Arrakis is the source of the highly desirable spice. Spice is a glittering material that not only extends human youth but is necessary for space navigation and can only be found in the soil of planet Arrakis. 

The movie follows a young man, Paul Atreides, and his family who belong to the powerful and noble House Atreides. The Atreides family are space voyagers who are granted stewardship of Arrakis by the Emperor. House Atreides is sent to the harsh desert planet to harvest the incredibly valuable spice. 

Paul begins having visions where he foresees himself living among the native people of Arrakis and soon learns that he has significant powers that could possibly change the fate of the interstellar universe. 

After arrival on planet Arrakis the noble family soon learns that their assignment from the Emperor to harvest the spice is a trap and chaos erupts. 

As the story unfolds the audience learns of the multilayered politics, technology, and character emotions of all the different interstellar societies. 

The movie is filled with stunning visuals of futuristic technology and fantasy landscapes that create a thrilling experience for the audience. Everything from the desert’s shifting sands and monsters that lie beneath the glimmering soil to the visionary spacecrafts will have you excited to see more and more. 

The movie sadly seems to cut off just as you’re dying to see more and will leave you feeling eager to see the concluding chapter.

“Dune: Part Two” has been confirmed and will be released in 2023 so audiences can expect one more film to complete this epic storyline.

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