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Dance Battle of the Boy Bands


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Story and Photos by Stephanie Hall | Contributing Writer

The Chris Young Café held the very first Battle of the Boy Bands Dance Party. Students danced to songs from popular 2000s-2010s boy groups like The Jonas Brothers, Big Time Rush and One Direction. 

“I loved jumping up and down with the lights and all the fun stuff. I love Big Time Rush so much. I’ve loved them since a child. I love them, a lot bangers,”  said attendee Quinn Allen.

There was also a photo booth with face cut-outs and a raffle where three students won merch for their favorite boy bands. 

The photo booth setup.

The dance party was put on by Student Programming and Raider Entertainment. Concert Manager with SPARE Bre Beahler was inspired by themed dance nights in Nashville.  

“I’m a fangirl and so are a lot of my friends. We all love one direction and the boy bands but (we) haven’t all been able to make it to the Nashville themed dance nights. And so, I decided to make my own, and that way all my friends could come too,” Beahler said.  

It was a fun night full of dancing. Beahler especially hopes that she can have more themed dance parties in the future.  

“I would definitely love to do this event again, maybe, with a different theme next time. Like I’d love to do like a Taylor swift theme tonight or, maybe like an eighty’s night, I’d love to do this event again,” Beahler said. 

Students were able to listen and dance to their favorite boy bands at the Chris Young Café.  

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