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“Sunset Showcase” featuring Chaz Crawford and his band


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Story and Photos by Mikayla Hart | Contributing Writer

Chaz Crawford and his band performed inside the Student Union at Middle Tennessee State University for this week’s “Sunset Showcase.” This event is hosted by SPARE, a student-led organization that features a new student artist each week for the month of April.

Crawford is finishing up his second year at MTSU, and was just recently signed with Match Records.

“It was one of the first times that I saw people’s admiration for my music. It didn’t just feel like I was in my room writing all these songs nobody heard; it was like people were choosing me, and that meant a lot,” he shared on the audition process.

His set began with an original called “Better Off,” which immediately filled the space with high energy and feel-good vibes.

Taking inspiration from artists like “Hippo Campus” and “Still Woozy,” he hopes to create a sound and write lyrics that resonate with his audience.

Crawford at his show on April 20

“I take a lot of guitar riff influence from them; my pedals are inspired by them,” he said.

To add some comedy to the mix, Crawford played a song called “Please Don’t Hate Me,” which he wrote after hitting another car while opening his car door.

“As a person, I’m either very serious or I’m very silly, so I think my songs reflect that,” he said.

“A lot of times, I’ll just be in a serious mindset, something’s on my mind, something’s bothering me, and those songs are born out of an experience or a feeling,” he added.

While lyrically and musically gifted, Crawford also showcased his impressive range of vocals in a song called “Soon.” This song is out and available to stream.

“Fun fact, I’ve never played just a Chaz Crawford show, so we’re all writing history right now,” he shared with the audience.

Crawford then took a moment to introduce his band: Jacob Cruz on drums, John Stanley on guitar, Curtis Gill on bass, and CJ with backup vocals.

The band closed their nine-song set with “No Question,” which was rhythmically started by Stanley on his Gibson 335 as the band followed all together.

“It was all just kind of my creativity and I would imagine this big band playing it, and then I’m here today and we’re doing it, so this is, like, so freakin’ cool,” Crawford concluded.

Follow Chaz Crawford on Instagram, and stream his music on all platforms.

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