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Photo Gallery: Meet Murfreesboro at MTSU


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Photo Gallery by Aubrey Salm

Middle Tennessee State University held an event open to students called Meet Murfreesboro at the Student Union Commons on Wednesday and Thursday during the school’s first week of classes. Here is a look at what the event had to offer:

Left to Right – Steve Jimmersoon, Alan Yeater, and Greg Roark, all attend the Veterans Church of Christ who are currently searching for younger members. Mr. Yeater eats at the Student Union building every Thursday around noon and hopes more college students will join him and his study of the Bible.
Doughnut Country impresses an MTSU freshman with their interactive spin wheel where students have a chance to win a free doughnut, gear or a coupon.
A freshman at MTSU is happy to be receiving a coupon at Murfreesboro Strike and Spare for one game of bowling. 
With a disco ball bowl and rose gold and white balloons, Garage Barre + Bike sets them self apart from other fitness studios. All smiles and stickers at this flashy booth.
Olivia Jonas, with the help of another employee, hands out three varieties of Smoothie King smoothies. A student’s favorite in this Murfreesboro heat.
Angenia Peruzzini, a freshman at MTSU, enjoys her berry smoothie along with her other items collected from the Meet Murfreesboro event.
Left to Right – Karlee Smith a student at MTSU and Margie Johnson, an associate of the hospital, discuss the women only holistic health care clinic in Murfreesboro. Margie Johnson, “In this medical desert, Diana Health aims to serve the most needed communities.”
Left to Right – As one of the first major events of the semester, Dominic Summerhill, Kiyleigha Taylor, and Audrey Green, all students at MTSU, work to check students into the Meet Murfreesboro event.
A special appearance from President Sidney McPhee on his presidential golf cart as he is driven around the Student Commons surveying the Meet Murfreesboro event.
Dapper Owl Coffee Pub and Brewery is said to be opening in October of 2022. The facility aims to cater to those night owl college students and provide them an alternative place to study.
With over twenty unique booths, the businesses of Murfreesboro have come out to show the MTSU community what they have to offer. From local restaurants, to banks, and so much more, Murfreesboro businesses seek to form a relationship with the thriving college populace.
Left to Right – Brook Kehl and Payton Armstong of EMM work on getting donations for their non-profit which distributes bible-based material to Eastern Europe and beyond.
Left to Right – Sporting MTSU colors, Nicole Jobe, Brandise Raikes and Danielle Colhoun, of Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, are giving away color changing ducks alongside drink koozies with the goal of promoting the importance of health care.
Left to Right – Briana Henry and Nancy Segoviano with MTE are encouraging MTSU students to get education on their electric bill while offering deals for students.
Left to Right – Senior Reauna Person and junior Madeline Cantrell work for the Student Union building. Having set up the event, the two have also taken some time to enjoy the perks of the Meet Murfreesboro event.
Left to Right – Monika Llicic writes her name on a raffle ticket as Dominos employee Kody Highland watches. Similar to Llicic, no one can resist the promise of free pizza.

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