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Night of Comedy: Adam Conover Brings Laughs to MTSU 


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Story by Stephanie Hall | Contributing Writer

Photos from MTSU by James Cessna | MTSU News and Media Relations

“College Humor” alum Adam Conover visited MTSU on Aug. 27 for SPARE’s Night of Comedy. He is well known for his Netflix show “Adam Ruins Everything” and being a recurring character on “BoJack Horseman.”  

Adam Conover opened the night with a story about his last visit to Nashville and his experience getting hot chicken, a Nashville favorite. Many in the audience found his mistake when ordering hot chicken relatable .  

“I thought it was pretty interesting. I liked the way he was talking about Nashville. It was funny,” a member of the audience named Emijah said.  

He then recounted his experiences during the pandemic and how he lost his ability to focus. He felt that Zoom and TikTok had made it hard for him (and everyone else in the audience as well) to stay focused on movies, books and even comedy shows. 

“I feel like because I related to it so much, it kept me interested. I liked it,” an audience member named Lashae said, relating to Conovers woes during the pandemic.  

The show itself felt very reminiscent of his show “Adam Ruins Everything,” with his discussion about his experience getting diagnosed with ADD, using Adderall and dealing with the pharmaceutical companies. The audience had many students who have been fans of him since his “College Humor” days.  

“I’ve been following Adam for years, so this was big for me. I really enjoyed it,” said Kiana, another audience member.  

Many related to Conover’s show and even though there were some minor technical issues in the middle of the show, it was a fun night for all.  

Students in the crowd on Aug. 27

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