Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Murfreesboro to expect first ampitheater by early 2024


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Story by Destiny Mizell | Assistant Lifestyles Editor

Signed guitair presented to Mayor McFarland by Live Notes Inc. Photo from Mike Browning | PIO

On Aug. 10, the city of Murfreesboro finalized plans with Live Notes Inc. to bring the largest-capacity entertainment venue Murfreesboro has ever seen. The Sunset Music Colosseum on the River will be located on the corner of Medical Center Parkway and Gateway Boulevard. This $40 million investment will seat 4,500 people in their outdoor venue and 1,400 people in their indoor venue, Boot Barn Hall. The outdoor and indoor venues will span over 18 acres, accompanied by a Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern, a restaurant and other amenities.

Being only 35 miles from Nashville, music lovers in The Boro often find themselves commuting to Nashville for most, if not all, of their concert needs.

Concert goer, photographer and MTSU Junior, Leah Meece noted, “It’s definitely exciting to see a bigger venue coming to Murfreesboro, especially while I’m still living out here. It’s pretty often that I’m travelling back and forth to Nashville for shows and gigs.”

While Meece is stoked for a new live-music venue, she also shared that she works on Medical Center Parkway, close to where the venue will be placed.

Future Sunset Venue location. Photo by Ethan Pickering.

“I’m not loving the amount of traffic this will rake in, especially because I will be getting off work around times concerts will be starting and even letting out,” Meece expressed her concerns with the placement, “Medical Center [Parkway] is crazy busy already.”

These traffic pattern concerns have also been addressed by the city of Murfreesboro. They are going to extend Gateway Boulevard to Robert Rose Drive with a connection of Warren Street and Medical Center Parkway. For more information on how our traffic patterns will be effected with these big changes, see the press release regarding The Sunset Music Colosseum on the River.

The Sunset Music Colosseum on the River is expecting to hire 150 part-time and full-time employees. We can expect to see this new middle Tennessee asset along with traffic adjustments surrounding it by early 2024. In the meantime, can we expect to see more Music City elements come to Murfreesboro?

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