Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A look at Murfreesboro’s new retro sneaker boutique


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Story and Photos by DeAngelo Conley | Contributing Writer

Former Middle Tennessee State University student opened a retro sneaker store named “Run It Back,” last month in the Avenue Murfreesboro shopping center.

Celebrating their grand opening on Aug. 13, the store mainly sells Michael Jordan retro shoes, Yeezys, Dunks and various other heavily sought-after shoes. 

Walking in, you will see two towering walls full of sneakers reaching the sky. Each shoe is in pristine condition and is almost sparkling from the lights above.

The overall environment of the store is laid back and welcoming. Every new customer can feel welcome while also learning a new story or inspiration from each shoe. Also, you will meet the owner, Michael Dixon, better known as Borokickz. He is a sneaker reseller for the Murfreesboro area. 

“Red October” Air Yeezys

In the beginning, he mostly resold shoes to grow his own personal collection. “… I grew my page, my collection and my overall business,” Borokickz said while reminiscing on his journey to now. Back in 2019, retros and other sneakers had a steady industry with releases and reselling.

As mentioned before, reselling is the business of buying shoes at retail price and selling them for a larger amount. Many shoes are seen as collectables like the Air Yeezy “Red October,” which was Borokickz’ grail shoe.

Dixon expresses his gratitude for the experience he gained while working with Sneakerbox and Suriya, another MTSU student, reseller and business owner.

He is also thankful for the support he received from Murfreesboro itself. On opening day, he was shocked to see a line of over 50 eager customers waiting in line for him to open. 

“It’s so unreal … seeing the numbers we’re doing now, it is shocking to see how much success we have had,” said Dixon. In the near future Borokickz explained that he wanted his store to be seen as infamous shop of coveted shoes like Kith and other major stores in Los Angeles and New York. 

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