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“Drip Purple Vintage” Offers a Retro Look for Consignment


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Story and Photos by DeAngelo Conley | Contributing Writer

In Murfreesboro, you will find all types of stores, restaurants and more, but in the square of Murfreesboro there is a store that transcends time to give you an authentic feel of what it means to grow up before the 2000s.  

“Drip purple Vintage” is a store that transports you back to the ’90s. As you walk in, you are bombarded with multiple Tees, Jackets, Sweaters and collectable figurines from an era gone-by. The store is filled with so many things to buy that the walls are engulfed with gear and the ground has narrow walking space.  

“Our main focus is vintage… We want and have the best vintage available,” said Sonny, an employee at the store. He explained that the fashion scene was bland in Murfreesboro and this store reinvigorates the area. So, the store itself is a representation of pop culture.  

Vintage itself is a term used to describe older generations of clothing with a general focus on T-shirts. Think of the 1980s hard rock café t-shirt. It was one of the most popular tees of that time and many buy these vintage tees now for nostalgia.   

In recent years especially, this kind of retro vintage fashion has been in style. The thrill of the hunt for vintage items from this era is part of the fun for collectors and people just looking to don some vintage band tees or grunge jeans.  

You can check the store at 105 North Maple Street and follow the store on Instagram @drippurplevintage.  

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