Staying On Campus For Thanksgiving? Here’s What You Can Do

Stephanie Hall | Contributing Writer

Infographic Courtesy of MTSU Parent and Family Association

With Thanksgiving break approaching, many students are planning trips to get some home-cooked meals. However, for students who are staying on campus, they can still celebrate and get some good food.

Thanksgiving break will be from November 23rd-November 25th. For students such as Katrina Thomas, going home for the break isn’t an easy option.

“I moved from Minnesota to come to school down here. So it’s kind of hard for me to go back home for Thanksgiving and then have to come all the way back here. It’s just really difficult,” Thomas said.

However, despite not being able to go home, MTSU Housing is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner. Dinner will be served on Thanksgiving Day from 1:00pm-3:00pm at the Scarlett Commons Clubhouse.

The free dinners are a way for students to celebrate and come together, even if they aren’t near family.

“Other than spending time at home with my cat and working, I’m not doing a whole lot. I’m going to stop and get a free dinner for sure,” Thomas said.

Wherever you are spending Thanksgiving break, it will be a good time to rest and relax before finals regardless.

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