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“That ‘90s Show” is all that and a bag of chips


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Featured Graphic by Kaleigh Young

Story by Kaleigh Young

“That ’90s Show” is pulling in young audiences with the new charisma, old nostalgic faces and the same witty humor “That ’70s Show” had. This is your spoiler warning now, go watch the show for yourself.

In the first episode, we meet the daughter of Eric (played by Topher Grace) and Donna (played by Laura Prepon), Leia (played by Callie Haverda), who is 15 and ready to make new friends. Donna and Eric are supposed to send her to space camp for the summer, but Leia has other plans.

The first episode is full of new and old faces. For example, Jackie (played by Mila Kunis) and Kelso (Played by Ashton Kutcher) stop by to introduce their son Jay (played by Mace Coronel).

Jay is a lot like Kelso, taking after Kelso’s good looks and catchphrase “BURN!” after almost every joke throughout the series. Eric’s father, Red (played by Kurtwood Smith) isn’t so happy about having teenagers in his house again, especially another Kelso.

Leia starts becoming friends with her neighbors Gwen (played by Ashley Aufderheide) and Nate (played by Maxwell Acee Donovan), who live in Donna’s old home from the original show.

The canon circle moments from “That ’70s show” start in the second episode when the kids find Eric’s stash while looking through the basement.

Even though we see lots of 70’s fashion in “That ’70s Show” such as bell bottoms, groovy patterns and band tees, “That ’90s Show” tends to lack that category. The costumes are very simple, with little details that remind viewers its the 90’s. However, the fashion is not as big of a stand out as it is from the original show.

It is also important to note that the show has an LGBTQ character member Ozzie who comes out to Kitty this season. “That ‘70s Show” also had an LGBTQ character, Buddy, who had a crush on Eric (Season 1, Episode 11), but he was only in one episode. The representation has greatly improved from the original.

With the new show, comes new love interests and relationship storylines.

Jay Kelso, just like his dad Michael, has a catchphrase he uses on every girl: “Heyyy…Girl”. It works on Leia and their chemistry throughout each episode keeps you on the edge of your seats.

Additionally, we get to watch Ozzie and Gwen help Leia get her first kiss in the improved Point Place mall. Jay seems to be playing Leia so she decides to stay friends but she regrets it moments after. There are also new fears that Leia has with her friends, she doesn’t want the summer to end but also is scared she will have to keep partying and drinking for them to like her.

Kitty suggests a movie night to help everyone get along. While she runs errands, an old character returns as her new hairdresser, Fez, played by Wilmer Valderrama.

In the season finale, the audience sees a love triangle between Nate, Jay, and Leia. Even though Nate is dating Nikki, he becomes stressed about not being in shape for football workouts in the fall. He works out with Jay and becomes exhausted. Leia helps him drink water because he’s too weak to pick up the bottle, which leads to him begin to develop feelings for her.

During Leia’s last night in Pointplace, Wisc. Jay and her break up because he doesn’t want to do nine months of long-distance while Leia is living in Chicago. The next day Nate comforts Leia about her breakup and the audience is given a lean-in for a kiss that is interrupted by Gwen. Then that morning when everyone is saying goodbye Jay apologizes and says he’ll do anything to keep her in his life. Leia is given an ultimatum here and it will be captivating to find out what she does next.

The writers end with a “That ‘70s Show” flashback which has viewers asking if there will be more. The reboot has a nice touch and it’s missing a few main characters so it will be interesting to see if the writers tie up any loose ends.

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