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Eight crystals every student needs to survive college


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Featured Graphic by Destiny Mizell

Story by Destiny Mizell

Overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of balancing school, work and other life factors? Don’t worry, there’s a way to cope.

Crystals — a holistic approach to healing one’s mind, body and spirit — are said to cause a plethora of effects such as abundance, grounding and joy by interacting with one’s energy centers and mindset. This alternative medicine can be practiced through meditation or by simply carrying the crystal on your person.

“Whether or not someone believes in the power of crystals, they’re still beautiful gifts from nature which can help people in a myriad of ways,” said Toriana Williams, a Middle Tennessee State University alumna and hippie-inspired artist. “Just having a pretty rock in your pocket to fidget with or look at can still help relieve anxiety or make you happy, which is extremely helpful in an environment such as college.”

Available in all shapes, sizes and colors, firm believers say each crystal manifests a specific flair. Read on for eight crystals to help college students attract stress relief, confidence and more.


Consistently guzzling caffeine for all-nighters, picking up that extra shift to pay rent on time and still having to get up for that 8 a.m. class can lead to burnout. “Up to 44% of college students reported having symptoms of depression and anxiety,” according to the Mayo Clinic Health System in 2022. While crystal healing is not a replacement for medical treatment, mindfulness can help along the way. This dusty-lilac colored stone promotes mental wellness with its unique properties.

“In the store, our go to stone for anxiety relief and depression is lepidolite. The crystal contains lithium which is used in many mood stabilizers and anxiety medication,” said K Rose Stanley, a spirituality and mindfulness follower who works at Stonekeepers, a metaphysical store in Murfreesboro.

Carnelian Agate

College students can’t avoid stressful situations, from class presentations to job interviews. Each demands a clear mind and positive outlook. This orange Fanta colored crystal provides a boost, helping students walk into important meetings with a head held high.

“Carnelian agate is a fiery stone. It will bring you the needed confidence as well as drive, passion and motivation,” Stanley said.

Green Aventurine

Everyone knows the tale of the “broke” college students. The smell of ramen noodles probably makes some alumni retch. College’s time commitment can be intense, leaving little room to get those extra hours in at work. Between the shades of a $2 bill and a four-leaf clover, green aventurine is said to manifest wealth and abundance.

“It’s a stone we always recommend to put in your wallet,” Stanley said.


Most attend college to jumpstart their careers and can only hope to be successful in the process. With hard work and citrine, a transparent, amber colored crystal, prosperity could be just around the corner.

“Citrine is the crystal for career success and abundance. If you are going into a creative career, citrine also helps with creativity,” said Stanley, who majored in video and film production at MTSU.


Howlite is distinguishable by its smooth feeling and marbled appearance. Commonly used in jewelry, students can wear this stress-relieving crystal when planning a major project. It would also come in handy with schedule planning for a new semester.

“Howlite is all about peace and decision making,” Stanley said. “It works great for calming your brain.”

Red Tiger’s Eye

It can be excruciating to respond to a discussion post or read another chapter, especially after procrastinating. However, this chocolate-cherry colored stone may help ward off stalling more assignments.

“Red tiger’s eye is great for confidence and motivation. Like its brother, golden tiger’s eye, it also adds a bit of luck,” Stanley said.


Enhance study dates in the library with the green and purple stone fluorite. It supports concentration, coming in handy when you keep glancing towards that motivational poster that wouldn’t be as interesting if the professor wasn’t talking.

“If you are studying for an exam or going to a training for work, keeping some fluorite nearby is recommended. It helps you memorize and retain information, and to distill complex ideas,” according to Crystal Curious.

Black Tourmaline

When constantly being asked about the future, college students can easily become overwhelmed. Fears of the future start to spin in their heads while their workload is doubling. Situations like that can lead to students internalizing negative messages. Bringing yourself back to earth with black tourmaline can help.

“Black tourmaline is usually known for its protective qualities, but the crystal is also great for grounding yourself and removing negativity,” Stanley said.

Where can I get crystals?

  • Stonekeepers

215 Robert Rose Dr., Murfreesboro, TN 37129


  • The Eclectic Road

1404 Hazelwood Dr., Smyrna, TN 37167

(615) 462-5156

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