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“Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves”


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Featured Graphic by Destiny Mizell

Story by Larry Rincon

From a tabletop game to a podcast to a television series and more, the “Dungeons and Dragons”
franchise is constantly expanding. With the release of the new movie, adventurers can get their
dice out and prepare for their next journey.

Being a fan of the game helps a lot in the experience of the movie “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor
Among Thieves.” There are many stereotypes for certain characters and player roles that get
exploited throughout. Not to mention that the comedy relies a lot on the experience of the
players as they fail to roll high numbers.

I spent my time mentally calculating the moments where certain movie characters must have
rolled a natural one. Other times, especially if you’re a veteran of the game, you can tell where they most likely got a natural twenty out of luck.

The movie follows Chris Pine as Edgin Darvis, a bard, trying to return to his daughter Kira
after being imprisoned for two years and get his hand on the Tablet of Revival in order to
revive his deceased wife.

Of course, you need to add in a backstabbing rogue and a powerful wizard in order to get
something worthy of being a “D&D” campaign. Don’t worry though, because Edgin Darvis sets out
on his journey with a party of his own. In fact, the cast of the film was exceptional and a big part
of why I found myself wanting to watch this movie.

Seeing Justice Smith play the role of a talentless sorcerer with self-esteem issues was
something I didn’t know I needed to see. It was also great to see Sophia Lillis portray a very
blunt and serious Tiefling druid, when I have been used to her more leadership-like roles in other
movies and series.

In addition we have two other great actors on the roster. Michelle Rodriguez captured the
essence of a barbarian. She has a history playing strong female roles, and it’s safe to say that
streak continues on. The final character I’d like to mention is my favorite.

I have been playing “D&D” for many years, but my least favorite class is a paladin. Ironically
enough, Regé-Jean Page acts as a paladin with a personality very similar to the types of
characters I would play. As a result, I undeniably must admit that he became my favorite with his
short appearance in the film.

With a great cast, it is unfortunate that there were some down sides to the movie. I felt that the
first person narration for the opening scenes went on for too long. Even if it did provide
character motivation, I was getting bored sitting with no action considering what the movie is
based on.

Another critique is that the ending of the movie felt weird in terms of pacing. In true “D&D”
fashion, the main characters had finished their primary personal goals and the movie was set up
to end and leave the chaos behind. Yet not even two seconds later they turn around and defeat
the evil wizard through cheap tactics.

Sometimes campaigns are like that though. The Dungeon Master could have the most intricate final
battle planned, but when one person tries to cheat their way through the final battle can end in a
disappointing way. That’s the way the ending felt for me. I would have liked better build up, or
more character commentary on how they would rather avoid being heroes.

For the few bad aspects there were, there were also things to enjoy. When Chris Pine’s bard
uses the tablet to revive Michelle Rodriguez’s barbarian, I could appreciate the use of found
family when Edgin realizes he needs to let go of his wife and see the family he has now.

Another great moment came from the audience in the theater I went to. When Sofia Lillis’s druid
beat the evil wizard the audience couldn’t help but applaud the act. The satisfaction of winning
the fight could be heard throughout the dark room. I even joined in on the celebration myself.

The final thing I’d like to highlight about this film isn’t even part of the movie at all. Before the
movie plays, the cast will thank the audience for watching the movie and coming to the theater.
With the decrease in people going to movie theaters, being thanked was something to be
grateful for.

As streaming starts to take over more and more, it feels good to have movie studios show their
appreciation towards their watchers. Even if you watch this movie without any experience with
the tabletop game, the simple thank you at the start is motivation enough to give this movie a

It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s enjoyable for anyone with any adventuring experience.

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