Monday, June 5, 2023

Happy Earth Day: Here’s three ways to save the planet long term


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Featured Graphic by Destiny Mizell

Story by Anna Kaserman

Earth is amazingly resilient. However, as the population grows, the need for more efforts to unite and save the planet increases.

50 years ago, a man watched as oil was spilled into the pacific ocean, wreaking havoc on the marine life. His name was Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator who wanted to make a change. In 1970, many colleges and universities jumped on his idea of forging a day dedicated to learning about the Earth and helping it thrive.

Today Earth Day is a national celebration where people, companies, and organizations come together to clean up the earth. However, the efforts in one day are temporary. Here are three ways to save the only planet that can sustain human life.

Watch a movie

Most films and TV series about the Earth go towards nonprofits or organizations that are dedicated to helping the planet. They also give the understanding that contributing isn’t always as simple as planting a tree: We need animals, oceans and even deserts to create life on Earth. 

“Kiss the Ground” is about activists, scientists and politicians turning to agriculture to help combat climate change.

“I Am Greta” centers around Greta Thornburg, a world-known activist fighting politicians to change laws surrounding climate change. 

These movies are inspirational and can teach much more about our world and the problems surrounding it. 

Stop using so much plastic

Plastic is our worst enemy—the killer of vital marine life and savior of fast food restaurants. 

Understanding how plastic is made, where it comes from and multiple ways to reuse it is crucial to improving the planet. Plastic is said to be too expensive to sort and is mainly made up of unrecyclable materials. Making it almost impossible to recycle, according to a Greenpeace USA report. 

If one has to use plastic, they should reuse it or make it last for a while as most plastics aren’t biodegradable. Plenty of other materials, like wood, glass, paper and fibers like cotton, wool, and string are biodegradable. Put those materials in the search bar during online shopping next time.

Either reuse plastic to its fullest or ditch it altogether.

Switch to solar power

Solar power is the way forward. Farmers use it, some tech companies use it and now electric car chargers use it. People must consider the worth of a high cost upfront that saves more later.

Solar power panels can generate up to 400 watts for small homes and 800 watts for larger homes. However, there is much to calculate for different situations, like working from home as well as where and how the house gets peak sunlight. It could be worth it and save an energy bill.

There are calculators online and solar power companies help decied which type of solar panel is best for each home. People in Tennessee have reportedly saved up to around nine thousand dollars switching to solar power, according to 

With these three tips, there is no excuse not to save the planet or change bad habits that could help the Earth for years, not just a day.  

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