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Lethal Company: The go-to game for betrayal, suspense and funky modifications


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Featured graphic by Larry Rincon

Story by Larry Rincon

If Among Us taught us anything, multiplayer games involving crew members and aliens lead to trust issues and death. 

The 2023 game Lethal Company is the gaming world’s current Among Us alternative. 

Players work under a company with non-existent health benefits, traveling to moons collecting items to meet a certain quota. The downside to the job is the eventual ejection from your ship if you fail to complete the mission. You don’t just get fired. You get fired into space. 

As easy as this sounds, there are, of course, obstacles on these moons. From blind, murderous dogs that kill you when they hear you or a monster sneaking up behind you to snap your neck, danger lurks in every corner.

Lethal Company allows for a single-player experience, but the best experience comes from playing with friends. The game has one of the most advanced proximity voice chats to be implemented in a video game. 

Escaping the blind dogs is fair and easy when you can crouch, but imagine having someone else with you who, at any moment, can speak to you through a walkie-talkie. If a dog hears the device, you are more than likely dead.

Going back to your responsibilities in the company, to meet your quota, you have to sell the items you find on the moons to a tentacle monster hidden behind a small door. If you were less than five dollars under, don’t worry because your teammate is worth a measly five dollars. 

Of course, like most games, the experience Lethal Company brings isn’t enough to satisfy most players, and this is where mods come into play. 

Mods make the impossible possible.

Would you find it more enjoyable to have Freedy Fazbear creeping around the corner to snap your neck instead of a monster? Were you a fan of the Josh Hutcherson whistle meme? Don’t worry because you can also add that to the game.

Of course, some mods help with general gameplay as well. If players tire of having two inventory slots filled up by their flashlight and walkie, FlipMods has created the ReservedWalkieSlot mod and the ReservedFlashlightSlot mod.

The Minimap mod can help identify items, players and monsters. However, the most helpful mod is LateCompany. It can be annoying for friends to disconnect mid-quota, but LateCompany lets players enter the game as long as their ship is in the air.

Lethal Company has been taking over all gaming platforms. The game has been getting constant attention from viewers and content creators from YouTube to Twitch. 

The game is nominated for Game of the Year at this year’s Streamer Awards, facing tough competition from the reigning winner Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Lethal Company is the choice if players are searching for a brand-new multiplayer game full of trust issues and laughs. Enjoy betraying friends and starting petty arguments because someone bought an emote. By the time you get ejected, you will be ready for another round, or you will never trust again.

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