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Match Records flaunt artist talent in showcase at Hop Springs


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Featured photo by Kerstie Wolaver

Story by Kerstie Wolaver

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This week, five performers shared their talent with a grooving crowd for Match Records’ Artist Showcase. Hunter Lander, Nedge, Carter Elliott, Josie James and BReal left a crowd dancing after a fun night at Hop Springs.

Hunter Lander has been with Match Records for about a year, and said that his time with match has been super motivational with lots of people in his corner willing to help him out.

“Match is what you make of it,” he said, grateful for the opportunities offered to him.

“Hunter’s musical influences and songwriting inspiration span from singer/songwriter, to jazz vocalists, with a touch of 70’s and 80’s soul and jazz fusion, and 90’s alternative,” said Match Records on their website. (Photo by Kerstie Wolaver).

Lander knew he wanted to be a performer when he began writing poetry and playing guitar in high school. He began making music as a singer songwriter, and moved into the direction of jazz and soul music as he progressed into the artist he is now.

He played a set of all originals at the showcase, his favorite being “Sweet Angeline.” Lander’s new song “Between Here and the Moon” will be released the first week of April and he’s working on even more new music to be released over the summer.

Landers’ set, played by just himself with his guitar, perfectly set the tone for the rest of the night and left the audience ready for the talent yet to come.

Nedge is an alternative rap artist, songwriter, choreographer and actor from Griffin, Georgia, whose fun persona is unmatched.

“Nick Edgerson, under the moniker – Legendary Nedge – also referred to as “Legend”, is a rapper, singer/songwriter from the small town of Griffin, just south of Atlanta, Georgia,” Match Records said on their website. (Photo by Kerstie Wolaver).

He has really enjoyed his time spent with match records, saying that the people he’s met have become his family.

“They really embraced me.”

“I hate being put in a box,” said Negde. He also said that “Nashville was a culture shock” but it allowed him to explore new sounds and genres in his music.

His new single “No Bad News” will be available on Feb.24.

Carter Elliott, the 21 year old singer from Mississippi came to Middle Tennessee State University to study songwriting in 2022.

He played a set of mostly originals, his favorite song being “Little Phoenix” because it is a sentimental song to him.

“Influenced largely by 1970s rock and folk both musically and in stage presence, Elliott has been playing music since the age of 4 and writing songs since the age of 12,” said Match Records on their website. (Photo by Kerstie Wolaver).

Elliott draws much inspiration from the progressive rock of the 1970s. He played an energetic set, jamming and having fun with the audience as they danced to his music.

Elliott is in the process of recording new music, his next show will be March 23 at Diana Street.

Josie James, age 18, said that everyone at match records has been supportive of her journey since joining the program.

Her set for the showcase included covers by two of her favorite artists: “Gravity” by John Mayer and “Cherry” by Amy Winehouse.

“With her soulful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating melodies, Josie has been making waves in the music scene,” said Match Records on their website. (Photo by Kerstie Wolaver).

She is currently working on a music video for her biggest song “Gym Rat” as it recently hit 17,000 streams.

James, infusing her music with personality, brought much energy with her to the stage when she played, leaving her audience smiling right back at her.

BReal is a 20 year old artist from Memphis Tennessee. He played his most recent single “Stay” along with his unreleased song, “Intuition.”

He said He didn’t make Match on his first audition, but he was asked to try again a second year, and has loved his time with Match Records.

“Not only does BReal write and record a wide variety of genres ranging from R&B to Hip-Hop to Rock, but also performs live music with his band BReal and The Real Ones,” said Match Records on their website. (Photo by Kerstie Wolaver).

“My biggest inspiration is my friends,” he said. “I love them a lot and i couldn’t do it without them”

All of these artists display incredible levels of talent and creativity as they take the opportunities presented to them to showcase their music to their peers.

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