We wouldn’t exactly call Zara Larsson’s album ‘So Good’

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Story by Krystal Loritts / Contributing writer

Swedish pop sensation Zara Larsson debuted herself to the world with her wildly anticipated album “So Good” Friday, and it landed on the iTunes charts at number 10 so Larsson is making a great impression.

Nineteen-year-old Larsson isn’t new to the fame, however. In fact, in Sweden she has been in the spotlight since the  age of 10 as the winner of a television show. She was not signed to a label for a few years and came back signed and putting out EPs. She put out four before “So Good,” and now she’s set her eyes on the United States for her actual album.

The album is a fusion of dance-pop and R&B, which surprisingly flows together quite well, along with slow ballads. It’s is a nice introduction for the States. Having listened to it the first time, I was neither underwhelmed or overwhelmed — just neutral. After the second listen there are some songs that sounded fantastic the second time around.

The song selection seemed to fit with the others, and it didn’t seem like there were any songs that didn’t fit in with the whole project. But her vocal range wasn’t really showcased except for maybe two songs on the whole album; even the ballads failed to show the entirety of her range like in “Never Forget You,” featuring MNEK, which is a powerful dance track. There are only three since Larsson’s style fits more with dance genres.

Despite that, the ballads have great feedback, the fan-favorite being “Only You,” a song about someone that she loves deeply and doesn’t want to rid of. “Funeral” is a slow song, but not a ballad.

The album seems to have a very chill vibe, except for  the track “Ain’t My Fault,” which was made for the club. It has a hard beat and crazy instrumentals matched with Larsson’s sassy lyrics and ad-libs. Such a great song and should be played constantly.

Larsson is known for her political views and message of feminism, and it shows in the album with the uplifting girl anthem “Make That Money Girl,” another favorite with a great message that should be played everywhere so people can be blessed.
Larsson ends the album with “Symphony” with Clean Bandit, and it is such a great closer. It’s not too loud or too soft with a beautiful message about love.
Overall, the album was decent, yes, but not amazing. 

Although “So Good” had a great reaction from the media and fans, it didn’t seem to leave enough of an impression to keep it at the Top 10. As of Friday, the album has dropped nine spots on the U.S. charts since its release. Hopefully Larsson will really showcase her talent,  giving the world more bangers, and wow everyone on a second album.

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