Review: ‘Haters Back Off’ Season 2 provides backstory, usual quirkiness

Story by Blake Holliday / Contributing Writer

Over the past few weeks, Netflix has released a slew of new original content, such as “Big Mouth,” “Mindhunter” and season 2 of “Stranger Things.” As these Netflix originals have proven to be extremely successful, it is no wonder that “Haters Back Off,” the series based off the fictional YouTube character Miranda Sings, is back for season 2.

Sings, an original character by actress Colleen Ballinger, is an over-the-top, aspiring singer whose false sense of talent led to her immense popularity on YouTube. In the Netflix series, Sings is a realized person, and the first  introduced the “real Miranda” by establishing the quirky world she lives in and capturing the various highs and lows throughout her rise to fame.

At the end of the first season, Sings’ life was in shambles: She had severed ties with her family and was left alone. Now, as the new season begins, we are able to see her pick up the pieces as she continues on her journey.

Her new goal this season is to make it to New York and appear on Broadway where, as her Uncle Jim says, “legends are born.” As she works toward this new step, Sings attempts to further her popularity through various schemes, such as protesting a taco shop, exposing a fan as an imposter and opening a theme park in her front yard.

The season maintains its usual quirky and eccentric atmosphere, yet there are many emotional and bittersweet moments.

For example, Sings is reunited with her estranged father. He seems to be grounded and put together at first, but  his character gradually becomes much more sinister and manipulative. This twist is a welcome change to the series, because it helps provide backstory and reasoning to Sings’ personality and upbringing.

Sings is a brash character and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, so it is interesting to see this character experience real emotions and hardships throughout the new season. Just like the first season, the final episode gives the audience an interesting twist of events that will hopefully lead to a third season.

Although there are quirks and moments that make it hard to watch at times, the new season is definitely enjoyable, heartwarming and worth the watch.

Season 2 of “Haters Back Off” is now available for streaming on Netflix.

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