Song Suffragettes join voices, speak out against injustice with “Time’s Up”

Story by Micaela Griffin / Contributing Writer

A brave group of powerhouse women from the Song Suffragettes have released their song titled “Time’s Up” to voice their support for sexual assault victims and survivors. They are members of a Nashville-based collective of female singer-songwriters dedicated to “let[ting] the girls play” in the heavily male-saturated country music industry.

The music video opens on an empty road with a poignantly placed “No Trespassing” sign and a piano playing softly in the background as the first of 23 women begins walking down the street.

“Time’s up,” she sings.

Each subsequent woman, dressed in all black, lends her voice as a warning: Those who hurt, mistreated, and disrespected these women need to prepare themselves to face the judgment they deserve.

“The scales are tipping … The clock is ticking. Time’s up,” the women sing, and with every reiteration, they close in, becoming stronger until all 23 women are walking in unity, fiercer than ever.

The Song Suffragettes’ release adds their voices to the growing social conversation about sexual assault in the workplace. The lyrics fit perfectly in conjunction with the Time’s Up Movement, whose motto states, “The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It’s time to do something about it.”

It is not uncommon to wake up these days and find, within the first seconds of scrolling through social media, another tweet or article recounting the latest horror story of sexual assault. As disheartening as the countless accounts are, hearing songs like “Time’s Up” bring hope and show that standing in solidarity with survivors helps others walk away — not as mere victims, but as survivors.

Watch Song Suffragettes’ video for “Time’s Up” below.

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