Murfreesboro Nutrition Faktory hosts annual Oktoberfest

Story and Photos by Sergio Pacheco/Contributing Writer

On Saturday, October 26, the Nutrition Faktory located in Murfreesboro hosted one of their biggest events of the year, “Oktoberfest.” Over twenty different, top of the line national brands were featured, in addition to giveaways from different brands, special deals on products and tons of free samples.

Tents filled Nutrition Faktory’s parking lot and crowds of people flooded in as they showed up to support their favorite brands and meet professional bodybuilders. One of the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) guests was Keith Williams, who’s been competing professionally for over 4 years. He is sponsored by Titan Nutrition, whose booth had a gym bag, protein product and a shaker cup giveaway for anyone who signed up with their name and phone number. Williams’s main goal is to make it to the Mr. Olympia stage, also known as the Superbowl of the fitness industry.

Chicago native Shanique Grant, a two-time Ms. Physique Olympia, two-time New York Pro and Ms. Physique International also attended the event. Grant was also promoting products from a company based out of the United Kingdom called Project Anabolic Design (AD).

“Our brand puts exactly what it says on the label. We don’t put unequal amounts of a certain ingredient, lie to you, and sell it. All of our products are scientifically backed up and we put the right amount that you need to be taking for you to see results in the gym,” said Joey D’Agostino who’s been working for Project AD for one year.

Many of the brands had more than five years of operating nationally and internationally.

“NutraBio pioneered full disclosure labelling, meaning what you see on our product label is what your getting. You can ask me anything about any of our products and I’ll provide you with scientific evidence,” said Josh Phillips, a NutraBio employee.

All the employees knew exactly what their brand products contained and how well they worked. If anyone had questions concerning supplements to try or just questions in general, they knew how to help. Employees could explain each term for those who didn’t know what certain ingredients were or what they did. For example, beta-alanine increases the levels of carnosine in the muscles, which helps control muscle fatigue.

Another major ingredient is creatine, which helps boost the overall athletic performance. The human body is able to produce most of the key ingredients, but at a low level. That’s why supplements that have the right amount of key ingredients help fitness athletes perform better.  Although the event was going relatively smoothly, there were some strong winds that came through once in a while. The winds were nothing the strong booth employees couldn’t handle, though. Around 4 p.m. the rain started to pour down – people either started packing up or ran into the Nutrition Faktory to wait it out.

Nutrition Faktory was founded by Michael Bires in 2017 and has had a major impact on both the fitness and supplement industry. It was a great turnout considering how Murfreesboro has been turning into a big fitness community in the past few years.


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