‘Mechanical Bull:’ The Comeback Story of Kings of Leon | Album Review

The album artwork for Kings of Leon's "Mechanical Bull" (FILE)
The album artwork for Kings of Leon's "Mechanical Bull" (FILE)

By Darcy Threet // Staff Writer

The best album of the fall was released on Tuesday. Nashville’s own is back in a very big way. The Kings of Leon have made musical magic with their highly anticipated sixth album, Mechanical Bull.

After their fourth Grammy-winning album, Only By The Night, everyone had high expectations for KOL. It’s painful to even think about the number of people I had to inform that “that new band that sings ‘Sex On Fire’” wasn’t a new band.

Those fans hopped off the bandwagon when KOL released their not so successful follow-up album, Come Around Sundown. They didn’t sell-out with their fifth album, but they didn’t convince us they hadn’t lost their fire either. Many were nervous the boys may have peaked.

Have no fear, fellow Followill freaks—they’re back.

Mechanical Bull held promise with its first single, “Supersoaker.” It takes us back to favorites like “California Waiting.” Could it be? Do they really have a kick-ass rock album again? Yes, they do.

Most music today has been heavily tampered with and synthesized. With all the One Direction-ish crap we hear on the radio, Kings of Leon have always been there to save us with a unique rawness. What’s not to love about a band that sounds just as good live as they do on their album? This album is no different. It’s just great music with great lyrics sang exceptionally well.

This album packs the rough-around-the-edges timelessness that made us fall in love with them to begin with.

It sounds like the old KOL, in a good way. They’ve grown as artists. This maturity is well heard in Mechanical Bull. They’ve found perfect balance and chemistry.

Tracks like “Family Tree,” “Tonight” and “On The Chin” remind us that this is a rock band from Tennessee. They leave a sweet southern taste in your mouth. It’s fall and the weather is perfect. So grab some sweet tea for the road, roll down your windows, and put “Family Tree” on and enjoy your new song of the season. You’ll undoubtedly fall in love.

“Beautiful War” and “Wait For Me” are perfect showcases of Caleb Followill’s ability to wail sorrowful lyrics and make them sexy. These will remind you of past songs like “True Love Way.”

If you aren’t already sold on KOL, “Work On Me” will seal the deal. Its music will take you back to Only By The Night. Its lyrics will take you back to Aha Shake Heartbreak. This track is perfect.

It’s such a relief to have this music back. If you’ve never paid attention to Kings Of Leon before, this is a good time to start, because it looks like they’re here to stay. Mechanical Bull is an album you’ll listen to and like, then listen to again and love. Buy the album, grab some beer, and make a toast to good music.

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