The 1975 goes above expectations at Music in the Middle

The 1975 perform at the Music in the Middle festival in Woodbury, Tenn. on October 6, 2013. MTSU Sidelines / Zach Hampton)

As with all music festivals, there are your lesser-known acts and your well-known headliners.

Music in the Middle was no different, with their version of a headlining act being Manchester indie rock group The 1975.

Their festival stop in Woodbury, Tenn. was their first performance on their American tour supporting their self-titled debut album. If their Saturday night set was any indication of what’s the come, American fans are in for a treat.

As with any headliner, The 1975 had some big expectations to fulfill. They attracted the largest audience of the festival, which was comprised of fans who attended MIM solely to see the group, as well as festivalgoers who were looking to discover some new music. The crowd was eager to see the headliners that had been buzzed about all weekend, and the band didn’t disappoint.

The 1975’s hour long set included songs primarily from their self-titled album. The performance sounded great, perfectly reflecting the group’s eclectic pop-rock sound. The band gave off vibes of an early U2, as well as Brit-pop acts such as Blur. These accessible vibes came through on tracks like “Sex,” Chocolate” and “Talk!” that got the crowd dancing and singing.

Aside from the band’s sound, one thing that I found most impressive was the band’s polished performance. After seeing numerous indie acts with less experience all weekend, you could really see how prepared they were.

The band’s tight playing made it obvious that this group had perfected the art of performing live. They were able to perform their songs exactly the way they were meant to be performed, all while engaging and entertaining the crowd. That ability is what made The 1975’s set so enjoyable and is what makes them one of the best artists on the rise.

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