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The Fault in Our Stars stops in Nashville


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More than 2,000 fans of the John Green novel “The Fault in Our Stars” filled Nashville’s War Memorial Auditorium Thursday evening to see a sneak peak of the much anticipated film adaptation, as well as participate in a Q&A session with the actors and author.

For those who haven’t read Green’s latest novel, the book centers around two critically ill teens, Hazel and Augustus who meet in a therapy group. The pair bond over books and movies, like any set of teens in love, but ignore the fact that they each have cancer in remission. A doctor’s advice in the late stages of the book: let the kids live their lives.

Nashville is one of four cities to host the “Demand Our Stars” tour. The event attracted local teens and fans Houston, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia. Devoted fans arrived early to ensure a seat inside while the rest of the crowd lined the barricades in hopes to receive an autograph or take a “selfie” with author John Green and the film’s actors by the red carpet.

“I am a huge fan of [The Fault in Our Stars],” said high school student Ansley Hopewell on the bestselling novel. “The book is very close to me and I couldn’t miss seeing [Green] and the actors who brought it to life.” Hopewell traveled from Augusta, Ga. to catch a glimpse of the stars at the event.

Green was joined on the red carpet by Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff—who respectively portray Hazel Grace, Augustus and Isaac in the movie—to pose for photographers and answer reporters’ questions before entering the venue for the Q&A session. Woodley maintained a relaxed disposition while sporting black leather pants, an embroidered blazer and a pair of high tops.

“I think it was more about learning that nothing is guaranteed and to appreciate yourself” Woodley said when asked what she learned from her portrayal of Hazel.

Green—one of Time’s 100 most influential people this year—is experiencing a new level of recognition on the tour.

“I never imagined this many people or the red carpet,” Green said. “This is not my world at all, but it’s fun.”

Prior to walking the red carpet, Nat Wolff was joined onstage by brother Alex Wolff to perform a few songs to Music City’s spirited teen crowd.
“Don’t tell anybody, but that was the most fun show we’ve ever played,” Wolff said later in the evening. “It was amazing.”

After the red carpet event, fans created an uproar of screams and applause as the author and actors emerged from backstage. Woodley, Elgort, Wolff and Green shared sentimental moments with a packed audience and discussed topics such as their favorite moments on set, what inspired them while filming and what they enjoyed about working alongside the author.

“He’s so empathetic and so compassionate and so available for the person who’s in front of him,” Woodley said about Green.

The Fault in Our Stars comes to theaters June 6.

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