Parking pass designations changed this semester

The designation of where students who commute may park on campus has changed this semester.

Six lots near residence halls that had previously been designated as green are now designated for students living on campus, who are given red parking passes.

“In previous semesters, only Womack, Scarlett, and The Row were reserved for residents,” said Director of Transportation Services Tracy Read. “This semester, all students living on campus have reserved parking.”

Previously green lots that are now red are the Baird and Judd Sims lots near Beasley, Gracy, Judd, Sims, and Smith halls and the Nicks and Abernathy lots near Deere and Nicks halls. Parallel parking on Alma Mater Drive will be convenient to residents of Rutledge hall.

Lots for the Womack Lane apartments, which had previously been reserved for purple passes, are now red as well, as are the lots for Greek Row, which previously required a gold pass.

Cars with red passes will receive citations for parking in green lots.

This brings the number of residential spaces to 2,122. There are 7,761 green spaces, down from 8,472 last year. Adding to that number is a new commuter lot next to the softball field, which provides 727 green spaces and 16 spaces compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“In the past, some of these spaces were taken by commuter students, and those living on campus would have to park farther away from the residence,” Read said. “As MTSU continues to transition towards a more pedestrian-friendly campus, we believe this system will also help to relieve traffic congestion in the campus core.”

Parking Services has hired lot attendants in lots that have changed in color to help students who are not familiar with the changes.

“Due to the number of spaces on campus, this semester has gone very smoothly,” Read said. “We have had plenty of available parking at peak times.”

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