B.o.B Discusses Creative Process with Fans

B.o.B. answers fans questions at 101.1 The Beat's Direct Auto Insurance Garage Sunday afternoon. Photo by Greg French, MTSU Sidelines Staff Photographer
B.o.B. answers fans questions at 101.1 The Beat's Direct Auto Insurance Garage Sunday afternoon. Photo by Greg French, MTSU Sidelines Staff Photographer

Chart-topping hip-hop artist B.o.B. stopped by 101.1 The Beat’s Direct Auto Insurance Garage for a Q&A session with 50 plus fans Sunday afternoon.

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., discussed several aspects of his career including his most personal songs (“I’ll Be in the Sky, “Beast Mode” and “Don’t Let Me Fall”) and his favorite artist he’s worked with recently, Pharrell.

“It’s just organic how [Pharrell]  makes music,” he said. “He ain’t trying. That’s just his soul.”

He also talked about how his creative process has changed from recording in a basement when he was unknown to being signed by Atlantic Records and working with artists such as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Eminem. While his recording space may have changed, his “creative space” is back where it all began.

“[After you make it big,] it no longer becomes about the money, so then you go back into the creative space where you’re making music just to make music,” he said in an interview. “That’s kinda where I’m at now. I feel like I made a full circle.”

That creative drive is what pushes the rapper, who is currently touring and recording a follow-up to 2013’s Underground Luxury, to keep working on new material.

“I just have to make music. It’s like a nervous itch,” he said. “No matter what accomplishment I have, I’m still gonna wanna try to make good music.”

B.o.B.’s Nashville visit also included a concert at Anthem on Sunday night.

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    December 5, 2014

    After reading this article, I’m sure the artists B.O.B, encouraged many upcoming artists to go back to their basic artistic techniques. B.O.B’s interview proves, that he still enjoys being an artist, and loves what consists of being a superstar. After explaining how Pharrell Williams feels when making music; indicates that B.O.B, not only admires someone else’s growth in his artistry, but that B.O.B too has is original style within his music. Being a fan of B.O.B, I believe that his music has grown along with his career. What is being said in the interview would be agreed upon by any artist in the music industry. In order to have fans and to be able to maintain them, the artist must grow within their music. While the artist grows in their art; artists music also remember the foundations that helped them grow into the artist they currently are.

    Fans will always remember when an artist gives back by answering their questions, or having a customer appreciation parties. Like explained earlier, fans appreciate their favorite artist more when they have not forgotten about the interest of their listeners. It is important to make new music, that if not similar to the original projects made by an artist; the music still consists of the unique melody that made their fans adore their music from the beginning.

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