Five Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

Almost every Super Bowl commercial break for the last decade has been dominated by slap-stick Doritos spots, risqué GoDaddy ads and vapid luxury car commercials. This year however, the trend was to either shock or inspire.

These are the five most note-worthy and unconventional Super Bowl commercials of 2015.

The first and most jarringly funny spot of the night was from Chevrolet. Working phenomenally in the final minute before the big game, Chevy took a ballsy plunge by scaring the audience with the illusion of a network connection failure. Though the spot won’t be nearly as effective in syndication, Chevrolet’s $4.5 million spot will still easily profit the daring car company due to the ingenious startle it gave viewers.

What could be more shocking than losing your cable before the Super Bowl? Going to the pharmacy to see Walter White (Bryan Cranston) handling your meds. In the second of their “Sort of You” campaign, Esurance combined a good joke and a great character to make one of the funniest spots of the night. It was “sort of” perfect.

Although their ads are notoriously provocative, Fiat curbed their sex appeal and went straight for a dirty joke. It was subtle enough to go over the heads of children, but certainly still pushed the envelope.

Among the jokes and gags, a lot of the game’s commercials provided a dose humanity and inspiration. McDonalds, Camry and Dove all deserve honorable mentions for their comments on love and parenting, but two commercials really served a purpose greater than promoting their own companies.

Coca-Cola providing a sweet feel-good commercial is nothing new or innovative, but they took it a step further by addressing cyber-bullying in a particularly uplifting minute.

The most inspiring commercial of the Super Bowl was easily Microsoft’s spot about a boy with prosthetic legs named Braylon. Microsoft had a couple of heart-felt commercials in this campaign, but this little guy had eyes welling-up across the nation in what may well be the best commercial of the 2015 Super Bowl.


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