MTSU Suspends Pi Kappa Phi over Hazing, Alcohol Violations

Columns from the orginal houses on MTSU's Greek Row. Photo by Max Smith MTSU Sidelines News Editor

MTSU announced the suspension of the Delta Iota Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi after significant, recurring violations of hazing and alcohol policies on Friday, according to a release from the university.

Prompted by a complaint from a parent of a chapter member, an investigation concluded that members of the chapter had engaged in “serious misconduct,” including hazing activities throughout the new member education program, as well as the collective purchase of alcohol and provision to minors, the release stated.

After the investigation, student members agreed to a three-year suspension of chapter operations and university recognition, according to the release. Both the national organization and university are addressing  individuals involved in the violations.

“Hazing has no place in Pi Kappa Phi,” said Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes. “We expect all members to be treated with dignity and respect, and when chapters are unable to make good choices within the boundaries of the fraternity’s risk management policy and standards of conduct, the national organization has to make the decision to close the chapter.”

Deb Sells, MTSU vice president for student affairs, said the university and fraternity’s sanctions intentionally mirror each other.

“The fraternity and the university have clear policies that define and forbid hazing, alcohol abuse and inappropriate conduct,” Sells said in the release. “We appreciate the partnership with Pi Kappa Phi’s national headquarters to jointly address the misconduct and look forward to their application for reinstatement in 2018.”

Officials said Pi Kappa Phi will have the opportunity to apply for reinstatement as early as summer of 2018. The current student members of the Delta Iota Chapter will not be permitted to affiliate with the chapter upon Pi Kappa Phi’s return to campus.

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  1. Avatar
    March 6, 2015

    As a student of MTSU, it is sad to see that such news has hit headlines of local newspapers. I was never interested in being a part of Greek life. However, I do not have anything against those that are members of particular activities, until I see things like this. I believe that students that are in either a sorority/fraternity know the consequences when rules against hazing or drinking of minors occur. Considering other tragic instances that happen at other universities or institutions, one would think that students here at MTSU would not make the same mistakes when it comes to hazing potential members, or anyone for that matter.

    I completely agree with Chief Executive Officer Mark E. Timmes of the suspension of chapter Pi Kappa Phi. I hope that the three year suspension will be a lesson to current and future members of this national organization in years to come. I greatly appreciate the fundraising and community service that Greek life chapters commit to, and I hope that others will see that giving back and enjoying college life is what being a member of these chapters is about, not hazing and alcohol abuse. I wish the best of luck to those that plan on joining Pi Kappa Phi in the future and any other Greek organization here at MTSU, and I hope they make the best of it in a positive way.

  2. Avatar
    May 1, 2015

    I feel that the decision to suspend Pi Kappa Phi was indeed a good one. There is a bad name for Greek life because of these instances. I myself am not Greek. I believe that a Fraternity and Sorority that represent a University should be held to a higher standard than other students. They should know and follow the universities rules on hazing and alcohol as well as the law of underage drinking. There has been other instances at other universities where hazing and underage drinking has caused tragic instances. I feel that learning from other peoples mistakes is a good way to go about life. Im in full support over the fact the fraternity was suspended. However that is one fraternity, there are others that do the same thing. It’s just no one has reported it. I hope the three year suspension will be good for the fraternity and they get to come back with fresh ideas of how to make college and campus life better. Greeks are a major part of a university they give a lot, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but are essentially the face of a university.

  3. Avatar
    Miller Martindale
    October 30, 2015

    I find the suspension of Pi Kappa Phi for the reason of hazing/alcohol violation to be a very intriguing topic of conversation. I find it intriguing because I went to two SEC schools before MTSU, was “Greek,” and not once was I hazed. I think it is important to understand first and foremost that, “hazing,” is only a psychological tool that is used by “individuals” inside of a fraternity as a scare tactic/way of getting you to conform to a set behavior. However, it is these individuals usually 2 to 3 people within a fraternity that should be held responsible. I do not believe the actions of a few should be taken out on the rest of the group just for simply being in association. Most of the members most likely would disagree with the actions that took place and would not condone such behavior if done in front of them. I was in Kappa Sigma Chapter Delta Chi and my pledge brothers and I never once did anything that we deemed individually as unnecessary. I never was made to drink something and if I did it was my decision to do so. The point is that these kids going into college are not being taught that movies like Van Wilder and National Lampoon’s, that depict fraternities as a hellacious membership process, are nothing but movies. If they don’t want to do anything they don’t have to conform, because someone says so. If a person believes they have to do something that could be harmful to them because someone told them too, well then I believe you have yourself an ignorant young man/woman. A few bad apples are defaming the Fraternity system, if only the university made those who were involved responsible for their actions then maybe you might be going by finding a solution. Why someone would find it amusing to cause harm to another human being is the question that should be getting answered. This suspension is nothing but a temporary delay for more individuals to be taken advantage of.