MTSU Suspends Printing Policy Changes

With the implementation of a new printing system and contract with RJ Young, MTSU has experienced numerous issues since the start of the spring semester, including a campus-wide printer shutdown in the midst of mid-terms last week.

Due to these issues, the university has decided to remove Uniflow software and stations from campus and revert back to GoPrint, the system that was used previously.

“The university feels that we simply can’t risk another long campus wide printing outage,” said Neal McClain, Director of Library Technology, in a recent notice to library employees.

This means that the library and other areas across campus will be operating as they did before the attempted implementation of the new system in December.  However, there will be some differences.  Details are still being worked out at this time.

Things the university is currently certain of:

  • The login process at the PCs will not change.  Students will continue to use their MTmail account and password to log in.
  • Public patrons (non-students) will still need to retrieve a login and password at the service desk each day.

The James E. Walker library hopes to have the GoPrint system up and running before students return to classes on Monday.

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  1. Michael L Wheaton
    March 11, 2015

    Never let the facts get in the way of a story, eh?

    • Mr. Wheaton,

      To our knowledge, the information in this statement is true and accurate. However, if you see an error, please let us know and we will gladly correct it.

      • Michael L Wheaton
        March 16, 2015

        1) You never interviewed the individual you quoted in the article.
        2) You quoted an email that was not send directly to you, without permission from the author.
        3) You generalized statements in the email made about printing in the Library to represent printing campus-wide.

        For these reasons, I would not even entertain the idea of feeding you information to misconstrue.

        • Mr. Wheaton,

          1.) The article clearly details where the quote from Mr. McClain came.
          2.) The information was shared with me, willingly, as well as numerous other students.

          Believe me when I say that I never once had any malicious intent in my publication of this article; my only goal was to inform the student body of issues that directly impact them. I did not misconstrue any of the information, I merely relayed what was known at the time and immediately contacted ITD in order to obtain a clearer, more detailed explanation. A follow-up has been published.
          I understand the concern the library has for control of information and the maintaining of its image, and allow me to point out that this article is not defamatory, merely informative.
          The students of this university are patrons, they are paying for services (in this case, printing) and they should be informed about such matters as these that use their money to operate.

          If you have any additional concerns, or would like to speak with me directly, feel free to contact me at