Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Meet Landy Tate: MTSU SGA Presidential Candidate for 2015-16


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If elected president, Landy Tate, junior public relations major, plans to make it her goal to represent the entire student body.

According to Tate, her experience in co-founding two organizations, serving in different capacities in various organizations and serving as chapter president for Delta Sigma Theta gives her an upper hand in elections.

Some of her goals include rebranding SGA, collaborating more with student organizations to make events accessible to all students and reaching out to non-traditional, international, veterans and other minority students.

Tate wants to lay down new networks and mend old ones in order to retain more students and make college a better experience for them.

“I’m a relatable, transparent leader with experience working with students and administration,” she said. “I’m really passionate about the students… I hope to bridge the gap between students and administration.”

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