‘Life’s Not Out To Get You’ by Neck Deep| Album Review

Kara Aguilar// Contributing writer

With a rise in the popularity of the pop punk genre, there has been a lot of attention drawn to the band Neck Deep and their latest album Life’s Not Out To Get You.

Originally from Northern Wales, the four-person band consists of Ben Barlow, Matt West, Fil Thorpe-Evans and Dani Washington. Their music is a combination of fast-paced tempo for delivering a punk-like sound, accompanied by pop-influenced lyrics. This sound is very similar to their musical influences: The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, Descendents and early Green Day.

The group formed in 2012 and gained a lot of recognition after the release of their debut album Wishful Thinking. After the release of such a highly praised record, the band had to follow up with another hit.

And they sure did deliver! After their premier of the song “Can’t Kick Up the Roots” was aired on BBC Radio on May 11, the reception of pop punk lovers everywhere was phenomenal. Officially released on August 14th, the new album has already sold 26,251 records and charted number 8 in the U.K. Billboards, and 17 in the U.S. Loyal fans of the group even noted that this album might be better than their first.

The band will be making its way back to Nashville on Tuesday, October 13. They will be accompanying All Time Low and Sleeping with Sirens, other highly popular bands in the alternative music scene. You can get Life’s Not Out To Get You on iTunes today. Not only do they have digital downloads, but they also released copies for vinyl lovers which can be purchased at Amazon or outlet stores like Hot Topic.

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