The Score of Murfreesboro celebrates its one-year anniversary

Mackenzie Meins // Contributing writer

“I got to meet Stan Lee,” is perhaps the prime example of one phrase every nerd wishes they could claim to be true. For Zach Edwards, owner of The Score of Murfreesboro, it is.

The Score of Murfreesboro, a local store that sells new and used video games and consoles, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. They have a full service electronic repair center that repairs any sort of new-age technology you can think of.

The Score of Murfreesboro was not always located at 1312 East Memorial Blvd. It migrated from its original location in Cool Springs to Murfreesboro at the end of August in 2014. It’s also not just a garden-variety game store; it comes fully equipped with a LAN (Local Area Network) center suited for all gaming tastes, from emulated Fileproto files to modern titles.

“I’ve always been into gaming, competitive gaming, so that’s where the LAN center came from,” Edwards explained. “LAN centers themselves usually aren’t profitable. There’s a couple of them that have stayed open in the United States … in bigger cities they can stay afloat as side projects, but most of the people that own them don’t make any money off of them, they just do it for fun. So, that’s where the repair shop and the retail side come in.”

As you walk into the LAN center, the first thing you see to your left is an extended gaming station dedicated to the retro gamer. The entire left wall of the room hosts a set of tables with older consoles and box-shaped TVs from a bygone era of technology sitting on top.

The other half is equipped with a set-up that looks suspiciously like two rows of high performance PCs, but on further inspection is actually monitors hooked up to current generation consoles. The PCs are actually hiding in a dark alcove in the back of the LAN center that could be dubbed the “computer cave.”

Anyone can come in and use the LAN center for a small fee any time the store is open and no special events are happening. The LAN center can also be rented out for birthday parties and other similar events.

The Score of Murfreesboro hosts a fully equipped LAN center where gamers can play. (MTSU Sidelines/ Rhiannon Gilbert)
The Score of Murfreesboro hosts a fully equipped LAN center where gamers can play. (MTSU Sidelines/ Rhiannon Gilbert)

One event they are hosting in the LAN center is “SMASH The Score,” which takes place on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. This Super Smash Bros. tournament is part of the celebration of The Score of Murfreesboro’s first year of business.

On Friday, Sept. 11, Mad Gear, a band that covers video game music, will perform. Their set is scheduled to begin around 7:30 p.m.

The store will also be holding a sale on Sept. 13 which includes 25 percent off used games, excluding the collectors case, 10 percent off used systems and buy one get one free on all Day LAN center passes.

A lot has gone on during the past year the store has been open in Murfreesboro.

“We hosted a Call of Duty Tournament two months ago, and we had competitors from California all the way out here,” store manager Derek Ligon said.

“We had a pretty big tournament where some guys from Evil Geniuses, Justin Wong, K-Brad, Ricky and Arturo, a bunch of Street Fighters that are known throughout the world came out,” Edwards added.

Edwards also hopes to create a Mini League of Legends Championship Series in the near future.

League of Legends has proven particularly popular among visitors to the LAN center, with some players even deciding to buy league of legends accounts to get involved with the action. Things can get very competitive though, as players battle to be crowned champion. With this in mind, there will be lots of players making sure that they put in lots of hours of gameplay to increase their rank as much as possible. Alternatively, some may choose to invest in a lol boost so that the hard work is done for them. Those that take these little tournaments seriously will want to give themselves every possible edge. Working with an expert coach will help aspiring professional players to reach their goals. These players that want to do well in the LAN center understand the Importance of coaching. It can be easy for a newer player to get into bad habits so they will often work with experts to iron those issues out.

Other multiplayer game tournaments are expected to become available to meet demand.

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