Social media scholarship gives girls a chance at their dreams

Amanda Freuler//staff writer

The 1,000 Dreams Fund announced the startup of a new scholarship opportunity for female students seeking educational opportunities outside the classroom; and it is as easy as snapping a picture.

Collegiate or college-bound women now have the chance to win $500 to $1,000 by participating in the 1,000 Dreams Challenge photo caption campaign. Students must post a photo of themselves actively working toward their career goals on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag “#1,000DreamsChallenge” and a caption that describes how they are striving toward their goals.

“One thing we’ve consistently heard from young women that we’ve worked with over the years is how important out-of-classroom experiences like internships and study abroad are,” said Christie Garton, founder of the 1,000 Dreams Fund.

Garton founded the 1,000 Dreams Fund scholarship program after her own internship experiences in college positively impacted her career. Through an unpaid internship in Washington, D.C., Garton worked for the U.S. Department of Commerce, and she was later invited to Paris to present her research on women and entrepreneurship.  

“This was an incredible opportunity, but I had to figure out how to pay for it on my own,” she said. According to Garton, funding for these types of opportunities is difficult to find for young women today.

“So many young women can’t pursue things because the costs are prohibitive,” Garton said. “At this life stage she’s in the midst of figuring out her life path, and we don’t want any doors to be closed to her.”

This is the first year that 1,000 Dreams Fund has tried the 1,000 Dreams Challenge, and it is open to girls in all majors. “I love a campaign like this because you provide the parameter, but it’s very creative and gives girls the opportunity to tell us their story in a photo,” Garton said.

Garton hopes that this scholarship helps girls achieve their dreams, as well as inspire other young women to reach their goals.

The deadline to submit a photo to the 1,000 Dreams Challenge is Nov. 24, and the winners will be announced Nov. 25. For more information about the 1,000 Dreams Challenge visit

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    November 29, 2015

    This article shows how social media is becoming more, and more apart of our lives on a daily basis. It isn’t just about posting statuses anymore. Online businesses are starting to prosper from social networking, as well as being a great place for earning scholarships! I think this is a stellar idea because it takes the hassle out of writing a paper (which could be people lying about what they do) and shows true work that the student is doing. I think this also encourages women to not be afraid of getting involved in their careers as well, and really dwell on their passions. This is such an easy way to get involved in getting scholarship money, and it will only take maybe 15 minutes of their time. This not only gets young women involved in their careers, but it also gives them a chance to go into a creative outlet. This opportunity also shows that a picture is literally worth a thousand words, and can really show expression and passion throughout a photo to see if the applicant truly loves their job. This will also help women get involved with experiences out of the classrooms like internships and study abroad… instances like these will help them have experiences that will help them be prepared for the real world as well.

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