Letter to the Editor: Forrest Hall

Lamonteze Pannell, Junior, Electronic Media Communications

In [race, class and gender in the media] class we discussed how MTSU is facing an issue with the name of its ROTC Building currently named Forrest Hall. We spoke on how many black people view the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate and racism, while also noting that many white people who were born and raised around the flag only sees it as a form of pride. 

In short, we all look at the issue with many different viewpoints. If you were taught that the flag was good while being sheltered from the negatives associated with it then that is life for you. On the other hand, people who have been exposed to the negative acts associated with the flag would argue against its reputation for southern pride. The flag was used in the Civil War and represented the south. The South was pro-slavery, while the North was not.

I believe that the name should be changed due to the negative representation of a man who founded an organization that was known for killing and never creating. Robert E. Lee or Lee Hall sounds better and gives less of a negative vibe.

This letter appeared in our March 21 print edition. For more of our Forrest Hall coverage, click here.

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