MTSU student arrested for drug possession, other charges

On Monday, MTSU student Lee Halkner, 19, was arrested on multiple counts of drug possession and firearm violations after being pulled over after throwing a lit bottle rocket firework out the front passenger window. The officer pulled the vehicle over and discovered that the driver of the vehicle was Halkner, with passenger Jacob Urmanski, 20. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer reported smelling marijuana. He then asked both parties to exit the vehicle and asked Halkner if he had anything illegal in the vehicle. Halkner admitted to having “dabs,” a term for wax marijuana. Halkner gave the officer permission to search his vehicle. The officer also questioned Urmanski who admitted to knowing about the “dabs” and that the two were delivering the drugs to a man in Mt. Juliet. Urmanski advised that he was accompanying Halkner as security in case Halkner was “jumped,” according to the report. Urmanski also admitted to throwing a lit bottle rocket out the window. The officer reported that inside Halkner’s vehicle rolling papers and a roller were found with the spare tire in the trunk of the vehicle. Hidden along the trunk’s edge was a grocery bag filled with “dabs,” a jar containing marijuana residue and a digital scale, according to the report. A field-weight showed that the “dabs” weighed approximately 4 grams. More bottle rockets were also located inside the vehicle. It is important to remember that marijuana is legal within certain states for recreational use, and allows citizens to buy dab rigs here and there. However, there are still some states that only have marijuana for medical use and disallows the cultivation of marijuana. The officer then mirandized both Halkner and Urmanksi and questioned Halkner where Halkner admitted to picking up the “dabs” for a man in Mt. Juliet. Halkner then went on to admit to the officer that he had more drug paraphenilia at his apartment located at Oakland Apartments on Old Lascassas Rd. Together, Halkner and the officer drove to Halkner’s apartment to retrieve the illegal items. Upon arrival, the officer smelled marijuana emitting from Halkner’s apartment. Halkner consented to the officer entering and searching his apartment, according to the report. Prior to arriving at Halkner’s apartment, Halkner gave the officer permission to search his cell phone. The officer observed text messages between Halkner and others discussing Halkner’s delivery of “dabs.” Upon entering Halkner’s apartment, the officer observed a glass bong in the living room. Halkner then lead the officer to his bedroom where the officer reported that Halkner showed him an open case containing glass pipes, a marijuana grinder, a metal Band-Aid can and other drug paraphernalia. Inside the metal container were three Adderall pills, three Cyclobenzaprine pills and two Hydroxyzine pills. Halkner did not have prescriptions to any of these medications. Being in possession of prescription drugs that haven’t been prescribed to you, could mean that Halkner faces more charges, and the repercussions could vary. If he is charged with this type of drug possession, he may want to have a look into getting a drug defense lawyer for prescription drugs to help him get the best outcome. But this definitely doesn’t help his case. Halkner also showed the officer a box located under his bed that contained glass pipes, a marijuana grinder, a digital scale and other forms of drug paraphernalia. The officer then asked Halkner if he had more narcotics located in his apartment. Halkner then took the officer to the freezer where the officer reported finding three individually wrapped packages of “dabs” weighing approximately 14.6 grams. After searching the apartment, the officer reported finding five bags containing one marijuana seed each and another package containing five marijuana seeds. A shotgun was also located in the hall closet along with six shells located in Halkner’s room. Having marijuana seeds is not illegal if you are in a state where the use of medical marijuana is legal. But it is if you are intending to grow marijuana in a place where the law does not allow it. Plus, nothing is worth breaking the law for. Halkner was arrested for the following charges: felony schedule six, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, possession of schedule two drug, possession of a legend drug without prescription and possession of drug paraphernalia. All items were seized and placed into evidence, including Halkner’s cell phone and the bottle rockets obtained from his vehicle. For more news, follow us at, on Facebook at MTSU Sidelines and on Twitter at @Sidelines_News. To contact News Editor Amanda Freuler, email

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