Eric Mina hypnotizes students with Tucker Theatre performance

Students were dazzled by comedic hypnotist Eric Mina in Tucker Theatre on Friday night during the MTSU Week of Welcome.

After earning a degree in psychology from Penn State and becoming a certified hypnotherapist, Mina has gone on to perform his hybrid comedy and hypnotism act in places such as Times Square, Las Vegas, Australia and now MTSU.

About 15 volunteer students were asked to come on the stage and be hypnotized. Mina said that the participants actually hypnotized themselves and he was just a guide to getting into the subconscious state that they were in.

His key word: “sleep.”

The volunteers would perform crazy and hilarious acts while hypnotized; in one instance, a girl was asked to act like a dog and proceeded to chase around an invisible ball that Mina threw around. Then, there was a moment where everyone pretended that there was a dance party going on, dancing to songs by Beyonce.

The crowd stayed laughing as they watched their fellow students perform ridiculous and completely hilarious tasks.

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